Eggs & Butter, Time & Temp

It’s getting that time of year again and I’m getting the itch to bake goodies. I saw a picture and recipe a couple weeks ago for what looked like would be a scrumptiously, delicious pound cake complete with a bonus layer of crunchy goodness. 
At the store, I bought the most quality of ingredients I could find. Instead of the “go-to” store brand butter, I purchased Land-O-Lakes. I wanted to give the cake every chance I could to be a complete success. A chance for pure yumminess!
Oh, there was also the issue of bringing the butter and eggs to room temperature before beginning. I’m always really bad about the pre-prepping parts of a recipe. I usually use the microwave to make the process quicker. As we all know though, quicker is not always better. Quality, not quantity!
There were other particulars that went above and beyond just throwing a box cake together too. The flour needed to be sifted, and added alternately with the liquid the recipe called for. Also, the cake needed to start bakin…

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