Monday, July 25, 2016

Noise Be Gone

The other night I was suffering with a constant ringing in my ears. It just wouldn't go away. I hummed, swallowed hard, tried to ignore no avail. Errrr! It was really getting on my nerves. I finally drifted off to sleep; only to wake up later with the ringing still persistent. (Good news, it finally went away. Shew!)

That episode got me thinking though...that's so comparable to the way the devil works. He speaks something, always a lie, and he just keeps poking and prodding away at us. It's like the annoying ringing sound in my ear. It seems to blare over the megaphone like cheering at a football game! Over and over again...lies, lies, lies...until we can't hear anything else.

The sad thing is that many times we side with the devil about what he's telling us. In reality we might be saying:

"You're right, devil, I have been treated ____________." (You fill in the blank.) 

"You're right, devil, they did ______________ to me and made me feel ________." (You fill in the blank.)

On and on we could go, he is sly, sneaky and always tries to tear relationships apart (between us and God or us and others we need in our lives) or cause disastrous outcomes in our lives.

Remembering, the devil comes not but to steal, kill and destroy, that he cannot tell the truth, and that he's loud and relentlessness might help us learn to identify his work and agenda. He puts us down, makes us feel intimidated, inferior, unloved, etc. See? It's always the exact opposite of how the Lord desires us to feel. And...if we're agreeing with him, we're signing up to play on his team and against God. The end thereof is destruction! BEWARE!!!

Let's learn to tune him out and speak truth. If we can't find the strength to speak into our own lives, maybe it's time we should find someone to scream it at us. Not really. Screaming isn't exactly how we should handle such a situation. Talk about gigantic misfire. Hello! Whatever way we go about it, we must silence the lie. Tune out the static noise. Listen for God's voice. Truth. Always.

Whether it's a ringing noise in your ears or the voice of the enemy, it's frustrating. We CAN be successful and victorious over the enemy's constant picking though - by realizing "who" it is making all the racket, putting some spiritual cotton in our ears, and screaming out what is true. Let's not give him an audience. Ignore him and put it out of our minds. Don't believe a word!

It's not always easy, but then again, who said the battle is easy? It takes work and determination. It's a choice. Let's make the right one.

 Resist the devil and he WILL flee. We have power within us to overcome. Don't put up with it and let it go on and on like the ringing in my ears which I had no power to stop. We have a choice to STOP this evil, unnecessary noise in its tracks. INSTANTLY! NOISE BE GONE~