Thursday, July 21, 2016

Listen...It's a Love Song

The static noise that slowly fades from nothing until it takes over and that's all you can hear. *SSSSSSSSSSS*

As you drive down the highway, headed out of town on vacation or perhaps a business trip, you're be-bopping to the tunes playing across the radio waves. All is well. You might not notice it as soon as it begins, but suddenly you're accutely aware that those tunes are being interrupted by static noise. *SSSSSSSS* 

You continue to drive on, trying to endure the distracting static through the end of your "favorite" song which just so happened to come on only seconds ago...only to get a mile or two further and the static has finally won out and all you hear is the steady "sizzy" of static. You've gotten too far away from the source (radio tower).

Side note - I knew a young man once who insisted that the aforementioned static was somehow romantic. I laugh! OUT LOUD! Seriously? What could be more annoying than  that? Someone tell me. I'm waiting.

Whether you consider this white noise romantic or not, it is definitely distracting and more people than not will quickly choose to go "channel surfing" for a clearer song. Hit. Scan. Ahem...I'm guilty!

I think about my days. As I rush about doing the things a lady of my age does. Even with only one adult child left at home, there's always something to do, somewhere to go, dishes to wash or clothes to fold. I find that sometimes the static of life gets quite unbearable. Gives me a headache. And a heartache at times.

It's at those moments that I find myself shutting myself into my room with a book or something a bit-more-quieter to do. The noise becomes too much for me! Let me go in here, to this set-apart place, where I can really hear. Nothing. Just silence.

Spiritually? I find I need the quiet places in life to draw near to the source of my joy, hope and peace. When the static gets unbearable, I have to stop and ask myself, "Have I wandered too far from the Source?" *SSSSSSSSSS* 

How nice it is to leave all the "noise" of life and nestle safely under the wing of my Savior. What lovely melodies I can hear when I'm shut away. When I'm quiet and draw near to Him,  I clearly hear His love song to me...and I can feel His overwhelming love. How's that for ROMANTIC!? 

"But it is good for me to draw near to God..." Psalms 73:28

Are we channel surfing today? 
I encourage us to stop the static. *SSSSSSSSS* We're traveling, but we don't have to lose the melody of the song. Let's not be content to listen to static. God longs to pull us near and speak (sing) softly to our heart but He's waiting on us to realize exactly what we're missing out on. Slow down. Step aside. Tune out all the noise of life...and see exactly what He has to today. 

Let's draw near to Him and declare His works. There may be someone in our day who needs help tuning in. Be sensitive. We're nearing home. He is coming for His bride very soon now. The signal should be stronger than ever. No more *SSSSSSSSS*'s a love song.

I'm reminded of an old song. I wanted to share: 

Shut in with God in a secret place 
There in the spirit, beholding His face 
Gaining new power to run in this race 
Oh, I love to be shut in with God