Sunday, July 3, 2016

LOST in the Hands of God

"...but stand thou still a while, that I may shew thee the word of God." I Sam 9:27

There are times in life when things go missing...keys, sneakers or perhaps a ten dollar bill. Yep, it happens. Then there are times other things go missing...our dreams, life plans and expectations. Yep, that happens too, but when those things go missing it's on a much larger life-scale. 

Sometimes we find ourselves experiencing these larger-than-life losses in an instant. If you're like myself (I'm working on it, folks!), you might go into panic mode and wonder, "God? Are you there? What's this about?" Or perhaps, "This isn't the life I signed up for!" would be more appropriate. Yet, get ready, brace yourself - sometime God allows us to lose things. On purpose!

In I Samuel 9, Saul's daddy's donkeys (whew! a mouth-full) had gone missing. A big deal back in that day! And, because I know the story in it's entirety, I can just picture God "misplacing" those animals on purpose...just because He can and it was part of His plan for His children. Saul went searching, decided to inquire from the man of God. God had already told Samuel to be expecting Saul. Etc. Etc. Etc. (You can read all about it. It was a plan perfectly laid the hand of God. Period.)

When things in our lives go missing, you know, the big stuff: all the stuff that we had imagined that would just make life hunky-dory, do we stop to think how maybe God misplaced them on purpose? Perhaps that's the only way He can get our attention for something else He had in mind that might be, what, BETTER for us? Seriously! Maybe our dream job, the one we lost yesterday, was keeping us from fulfilling God's purpose for our lives. Or the perfect plans we had made, you know, the ones that seemed to go up in smoke last month, maybe they would have been detrimental to our soul. Maybe things get LOST for our good at times; and yes, it's hard to see that when we're in the middle of the drama of life. God sees the entire picture though! 

We read in God's Word that "all things work together" and we shake our heads in agreement on Sunday morning when the preacher speaks this into our lives. On Monday though, we might find ourselves in turmoil because we've suddenly lost something more important than our keys or lunch money. 

No matter what, let us remember (while we're trying to stay afloat) that God is God. He sometimes allows things to go missing in our lives, true; however, He is the Author of our lives and can choose to rearrange our story at any time He chooses. What we feel as a loss today, may be for our own good. When we look back on it next week, next month or ten years from now, what will it look like? Did God do that on purpose? I'm not saying it will always be easy when we lose, that we'll be all smiles about it and be immediately boasting of the goodness of the Lord in the midst of the trial, but one day...

While his daddy's donkeys were being found, Saul was pulled to the side by Samuel and shown the bigger picture. He was going to be king. Something crazy God had planned out. (I say that with the utmost respect for the Almighty) True story! Sometimes God allows us to lose something to get our focus back on Him or in order to bring what He has planned into fruition. Maybe it's permanent. Or perhaps only temporary. No matter what, His ways are always best...LOST for our good...and always for His glory. 

Now, where did my keys go? lol