Monday, February 1, 2016

God's Set-Up Work

Have you ever committed yourself to the Lord and decided to step out of  your comfort zone and "get busy" doing what He had called or led you to do? How exciting the prospect of doing the will of the Lord; of accomplishing your purpose. Weren't you invigorated and full of zeal? Renewed vision and purpose seeped from the core your very being. YES! Let's do this!

Reading in Exodus, about Moses leading God's people out of the land of Egypt, I thought about how excited the children of Israel must have been. What an exhilarating finally be set free; to see deliverance just beyond the horizon. Moses and Aaron came on the scene to "bring them out" because God had given them orders to do so. Only, all the sudden things became much worse for these people. Pharaoh became irritated with the whole ordeal and the task masters made them work even harder. This caused God's people to question Moses' plan and whether he had heard from the Lord. If this was God's plan then why was the situation getting worse instead of better?

Don't we find ourselves with that same mindset at times? We make that giant leap of faith (which in all reality is probably more of a "baby step") and we submit to do the will of God. Things should start getting better, right? Makes sense to me. Only sometimes, as in the case of the children of Israel, things seem to get much worse. What?! It's true, my friend.

Sometimes, in order to bring victory into our lives, God has to do some "set up" work on the stage of our lives so the deliverance will be miraculously HUGE. God is most definitely always in the small things, but on some occasions He likes to show off in our lives in huge ways. He likes to get the glory! After all, He is magnificent. To do so, He has to set all the wheels in motion and the ride can get really bumpy at times.

Let us not be weary and become discouraged while God is setting up something big in our lives. The children of Israel had to be patient through 10 plagues; all the while their work became more taxing. God was setting their situation up. He did indeed deliver them from Egypt but it was so much more than that. Remember the final hoopla when Pharaoh's army went up in smoke (or maybe I should say down in the water)? God usually always has a more detailed and grander plan than we could ever imagine.

Remain zealous. Exhilarated. Excited. Hopeful. My friend, He might have you in set-up mode presently. Hold on though. Learn. Grow. Hang. In. There. It might be a little bumpy right now, but if you're stepping in the right direction, to bring Him glory and might have to work harder and endure a momentary not-so-thrilling ride. Don't be baffled by what seems so NOT RIGHT. It might be exactly right! God does His own set-up work. Never fear, God has the best plans and may choose to bring you out in a blaze of glory.