Saturday, June 6, 2015

Auburn Blessings

Philippians 2:13  "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."

 So, while riding down the road the other day, I noticed something I'd never seen before. You know, when you're driving you have to stay focused on traffic and the road - for the most part anyhow if you plan to arrive at your destination safely. However, when you're a passenger you can day dream, sleep or take time to "site see". At times there are some pretty amazing scenes to take in. If you're a driver, you fully understand what I'm talking about. OK, so I WAS the passenger the other day so it's alright that I wasn't paying attention to the traffic and suddenly noticed that the sun shining through the window was spot-lighting something I'd never seen before.

For I had no idea that this person with whom I spend almost every day of my life with has the most beautiful deep, auburn highlights in their hair. I'd never noticed it before but it was absolutely, stunningly, beautiful. (Yes, my favorite hair color. ) I wondered to myself, "How had I missed this before?" I didn't say anything, but my mind immediately shifted into its "think tank" mode. I wondered how many other brilliant things I'd missed along the way.

How many times do we look at people and shallowly sum them up by what we think we see or don't see? Whether our own personal audit report of a person is a good one or not, most often there is so much more to that person. We are complex. We have depth. We are each wonderfully made, marvelous are God's works! (Psalms 139:14) God made each of us unique with certain physical traits, abilities, personalities, etc., yet don't we sometimes tend to overlook the beauty which is right before our eyes. I'd say that we're all guilty of doing this from time to time. We get wrapped up and fail to take time to notice that our neighbor is one of God's finest masterpieces too.

Sure, there are people which get "under our skin", there are sandpaper people, and there are personality clashes and then there are those we get along with easily. Yet, if we'll stop and notice, there is beauty in spite of the obvious...if only we'll let the the light of God open our eyes to see like He does. We've possibly unintentionally missed so much along the way; because we're each a work in progress and in a different stage of growth or completion. We're God's workmanship. While each of us requires much grace and mercy, don't we also deserve to see the best in each other too? There's so much about each other to celebrate and enjoy. What if we looked on in a different light - took a moment to look beyond.

Can I challenge us to allow the Light to show us something different today? What about asking God to help us with seeing our neighbor thru His eyes? What if we would dig a little deeper in our efforts to find positive? We might be surprised, or totally shocked, by what we'll see for the first time...even in those we're most comfortable with. How did we miss that? Hey, we might even see something about ourselves that we've missed before. In God's light...we can all beautifully shine...whether blonde, brown, white or AUBURN. Blessings~

Dear God,
Help me not to miss the beauty you've
placed in others. Help me to really "see" them as you do.
Help me to be ever mindful that we're
all walking this road together and we need
each other to complete the race.