Tuesday, March 3, 2015

God In the Details of Your Life

Just had to share. While taking notes during a podcast today, I quickly scribbled into the margin of my paper the words, “I hunger to be taught!” There seems to be an insatiable desire which is overwhelming me more than ever to learn and grow into what God has for me. He is doing grand and glorious renovations within me on all levels. At the end of a completely different podcast, the speaker mentions Luke 12:12 and I quickly flipped to it in my Bible. After I read the first several words, I almost laughed out-loud with joy.  It read: “For the Holy Ghost shall teach you…” 
Isn’t that just like God to see my scribbled note and answer in such a direct way? I took another pen and wrote below my original tiny note the "Luke 12:12."  God's answer.  I love living this life for and with him. So encouraging to know he pays such attention to the details of our lives. 
My friend, when you think nobody is paying attention..He is.  Why don't you try Him and see?  Oh, and don't expect the answer to come in an ordinary way...He's a very extraordinary God!

Have you had this sort of thing happen to you before? Feel free to leave a comment and share your story.  It's all about encouraging one another.