Thursday, August 14, 2014

Graduate With Honors

Sometimes God tests us to see if we're willing to give what we have - no matter how BIG or small it may be to us.  Look at the little woman and her son, she was asked to give the prophet her last bit of meal and oil for a cake.  The lady at Jesus' feet gave what appeared to be something of great value in that day. There's even the little boy with a small lunch of 2 fish and 5 loaves.  What's more?  Jesus, He gave His life...our ultimate example and guide.  He doesn't care how we classify "it", whether its BIG or small in our world; what He does care is if we're willing to trust Him with it enough to give it to Him. 
Whether you're helping a close friend, baking bread for a neighbor, or giving your last bit of coins to a dirty beggar on the side of the road...whether you're ask to give of yourself by cleaning toilets at church, mowing grass in the community or teaching a Bible study...GIVE without question, trusting God all the while!  You can't out-give the Lord - it's been proven!  I say, be sure you pass the test with flying colors.  There's nothing on this earth worth hoarding when God's ask you to give it because He owns the cattle on a thousand hills..and the hills too.  There's nothing like being a vessel of blessing in the hands of the Almighty!!!  If He asks you today, remember...if you've done it unto even the least, you've done it unto Him!  It may just be your short test before a great blessing!  He'll never ask you to give something - no matter how BIG or small - that He won't replace with something even better.  Your blessings WILL BE greater than  your gift...that's just how the teacher operates!  Back to school with Jesus!  BIG OR SMALL 101 - class in session.  Here's the challenge:  Graduate with honors!