Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Work In Progress

By no means do I have it all together…I’m a work in progress!  Even as I write, the things I share are snippets from my own life.  When I write about trusting God to provide, I am learning to trust God to provide my needs.  While I write about God’s faithfulness and that He’s always there, I’m reminding myself that God WILL come through just in time.  No, I don’t claim to nor do I want to come across as having all my ducks in a row - when they’re usually furiously paddling to keep from plunging head-first over the fierce, screaming falls.
While writing about “giving”; that we can never out-give the Lord…little did I know, shortly thereafter was a test - which I have found is often the case.  (God doesn’t teach lessons without giving tests, you know!)  Giving when it doesn’t hurt isn’t near as effective as giving when it can hurt.  For example:  giving $10 when you have $1000 is a bit different from giving $10 when you only have $12.  See what I’m talking about?  (Lessons from the Lord…what is $10 when He owns it all anyhow?)
A testimony to His provision, testimony that you truly can’t out-give Him…my husband and I were tested - and gave to a need.  It felt so good to do that!  Call it just life or whatever you’d like, but that evening my phone bit the dust.  (What did we ever do without cell phones?)  Can I just say that…I wasn’t able to run right out to Walmart and purchase another one? wasn’t a life or death situation…actually it’s quite trivial when it comes right down to it, but the fact is, God cares about EVERY detail of our life.  Suffice it to say….I’ll have a brand new phone any day!  Can I get an “amen”?!  No, you CANNOT out-give the Lord who owns it ALL!  He’s such a faithful, patient teacher!
So, as I share my experiences…I my only hope is that it can somehow bring God glory and be a blessing to someone who needs encouragement.  If I can just remind you that God will do the same thing for you that He does for me.  You see, there are multiple times when I find myself going back to something I’ve previously written and reminding myself once again that GOD IS.  There are always tests.  Some we may pass with flying colors while some take more work and studying – knocks and bruises.  Nevertheless, we can all have hope and know that we are a work in progress!