Monday, July 14, 2014

Beauty Worth the Wait

It's a beautiful thing when God begins to unfold a rose, it's always beautiful and right.  I've always loved that song!  Nobody can do it like the Lord...and only the Lord can do it.  What a beautiful thing it is!  It may take what seems like eternity for the bud to form, then to begin to bloom until you can finally see it in full blossom, it's a process though and only God knows the right timing.  Of one thing you can always be sure however, when the time is right and the process is finished, there's beauty and sweet aroma that's undeniable.  A prize-winner!!!
And that's exactly how God works in our lives.  It may not come as quickly as we want it, it may be more painful than we think it should, and we may wonder if it will ever happen at all on some days.  Yet, rest assured that as long as you place yourself in the kind and caring hands of God, He is bound to make it come to pass.  In His time He makes all things beautiful: you WILL come out of the place you feel stuck in and you WILL bring Him glory in the process.  It's all about Him!  What a blessing it is to know that we can wait upon Him.  And as I shared with one of my teens last week, "waiting" isn't being passive and doing nothing - waiting is actively seeking the Lord's face, serving in His Kingdom and living the best we can for Him during the process.  It's not a time to just sit and do nothing! (That's my amplified version anyhow! lol) 
When it finally becomes your time, you will be able to look back and know that God's Word is true, He IS faithful and that is was well worth the wait...yes, I said it: "IT WILL BE WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!"  Be encouraged, beautiful things and moments take time...and God.  Trust Him today to do what only He can do...and don't forget to do your part in the waiting room of life.  Blessings to all~