Mothers Day Thoughts & Blessings

It’s that time a year once again. When ladies may receive a flower, special cards, and added attention - complete with an extra dose of love for being mothers. It’s a special day set aside to applaud a mother’s nurturing, teaching and giving of life. What a blessing a mother is! 

God knew each child before they were formed in their  mother’s womb. He oversees every single birthing process; He’s always there. He is the giver of wisdom and provides mothers with natural, nurturing instincts and intuition only she can understand. God was sure to create woman with an extra set of skills and qualities that would help her stand up to all she faces and endures as she raises and sees her children through each stage of life. You see, God made mother’s too. 

Our world is filled with all kinds of mother’s. Biological, adopted, spiritual, and too many other mother-types to list...and just like fingerprints, no two mothers are exactly alike. Neither are their stories. 

Just ask any mother about her children and you could be sitting there for hours upon end. Mothers carry so much love. It doesn’t take long into their stories for you to hear it oozing from their memories. Most mothers carry much gratitude and humility for the privilege and opportunity to fulfill such a role. Some mothers also have hard stories we’d rather not hear. While some carry scars from the birthing process, others carry scars within their hearts made possible by life choices and tragedies involving their precious children. Mothers are brave souls. They are heroes. They are human too. 

Mother’s Day can be a joyous occasion filled with celebration and a sense of accomplishment; on the other hand, it can also be a day of much sadness,  longing and grief. It’s a day that is experienced by mothers all along the length of the emotional spectrum. If you know as many as a handful of mothers, you probably know the myriad of experiences and emotions Mother’s Day can bring with it. 

So, on this Mother’s Day, I just wanted to put it into writing for every mother out there. Be gentle. Be kind. Be patiently understanding. Be conscientious. Be graceful, with extra doses of love for your fellow mom. Be prepared to celebrate and offer sympathy. Yes, being a good mother requires all this and more. This is what we’re made for!

While there are many who celebrate with their offspring, there are others who have been unable to have this experience at all, and those whose mothers have lived a full life and have now passed on, moms who now raise children as a single parent, and still other mothers who have experienced the joy of motherhood but have now lost a child here on earth.  So, this day may also bring with it pain and grief. Be kind. Be super compassionate. Be grateful. Be a true mother. We need you!

I’m blessed to have a beautiful mother still with me this Mother’s Day, a dear mother-in-love, and I have two beautiful, grown children which to celebrate. I have a jewel of a spiritual mom to celebrate and lovely daughters-in-love to celebrate - and I can’t omit my precious grands here. I also have an adult child that went to be with the Lord ahead of me - which I will continue grieving for on this third Mother’s Day without him here to touch. Each of these elements bring me joy, but honestly, I will also shed some tears because of the hole that’s now in my heart. That’s the badge of courage, the price of love, and the glory which becomes motherhood. 

I know mothers who fit into every category. I honor you this coming Sunday. I honor and bless you for the life you’re living and the lives you’ve given to this world. I rejoice with you, and also will mourn with you who do so. I now know both ways. Maybe I’m better for it. 

God be with each mother on this day set aside to honor you and your contribution of life into this world. God sees you no matter how you’re celebrating. And, remember too, we’ve not been made for this world and so we have the hope of experiencing this day in Heaven together one day...all whole, all joyous, all together once again. 

Happy Mother’s Day week! May we thoughtfully and lovingly regard each other, and may God hold each of our mom-hearts safely in His hands. 

Blessings, my friends~