Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brain Fog, Truth & Promises

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise..." II Peter 3:9

Shout out to all the wonderful people who have issues with "foggy brains" today. Bless your (our) hearts! Isn't God good anyhow!?

More often now than ever, I have those moments when my brain just won't catch up, catch on or catch anything for that matter. Those days when I feel like a complete goofball when asked a question, put on the spot or have to remember an important number. Debit card number. Huh? Phone number. Umm... Anybody else out there brave enough to admit there are times when those common place numbers and names escape your field of grasping? Lol  (I'm learning that it's much easier to just stop and laugh at myself than to get upset. That makes it worse!)

Anyhow, enough of that.

I lay in my bed with my eyes closed this morning, asking God, "Remind me of the promises you've made me. Tell me one more time again about myself in Your eyes. I need help remembering today." Don't we all suffer from the occasional "forgot who I am" moments?

Suddenly, I was humming the tune to an old song I remember singing as a child:

Roll back the curtains of memory now and then
Show me where you've brought me from
And where I could have been
Remember, I'm human and humans forget
So remind me, remind me, dear Lord

Wow! That was waaaaaaay back there...but today I was reminded again. Maybe God did it. I think sometimes we just need to be reminded of the TRUTHS life can cause us to temporarily forget. They supply us with hope and ignite our faith (and memory) once again.

Who & Whose we are.
What we've been promised.
What He's capable of.

I don't think there are more important things to remember than those. Those facts are much more important than my phone number or alarm code. While I'm definitely NOT an expert in this field, nor do I have this "concept" working to perfection in my life, I think it's something worth thinking about. They affect our lives on so many levels. From spiritual to emotional and even relational. How can we be productive and victorious in life when these truths and what we've been promised get clouded from our view?

Remind me, God.

If you've forgotten some of those important promises of God, if you've lost the sense of who you are, your purpose, or maybe even Whose you are. Let this post serve to jog your memory. The Bible is full of instances to remind us, stories of others who have forgotten also, and promises that will refresh our hearts, souls...and minds. If you're a friend to someone who has lost their way, take a moment to remind them of things/promises they might have forgotten and about who they are. You might just be the match that brings light and clarity into their darkness once again.

As I lay in my bed, with my eyes shut, waiting on God...He began to drop a few promises into my heart that I'd forgotten. He reminded me of some important information that I'd allowed to get stuck near the back of the filing cabinet of my soul. (Promise. Purpose. Shouldn't be stuck behind the "Z" file people!) Later, I was reading a text I had received earlier in the week...and once again God jogged my memory. Oh, how do I allow these things to be forgotten?! Oh, yeah, back to the song lyrics...I'm human, and humans forget.

Truth is still truth, promises are still in tact, God is still God and we are still who and what He says we are...even when we have a temporary brain lapse. 

Just because...we all need reminders on those forgetful, foggy-brain days and those days when life can get somewhat overwhelming. Be encouraged today~