Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Only Me - Part 2

It's  been over a month since I posted I'm the Only Me You Get. Life gets busy, life happens, and it can be like a roller coaster at times. With a grimace on my face, I read the title of my last post once again today. The thought was certainly accurate, yet I've been feeling much differently since then. Why? Because my FEELINGS are sometimes way bigger than the truth! I know, it's not supposed to be that way. They cast shadows on what I know to be true. Still, although I know this, my perception can get cloudy at times. You too? Sometimes it's easier to write something like Poor You, If I'm the Only Me You Get.

I'm afraid I'm not the only "feel-ist" who deals with ugly episodes of lies and tricks. How can I be so sure? First, most of us reading this post are probably females. Secondly, we will all experience times when we're feeling  insecure and weak. Thirdly, we go through different seasons spiritually, as well as, physically. Sometimes those seasons leave even the strongest ladies feeling unable to cope on every level. Key word: FEELING. Wonder Woman? Not I!

Ladies are "feelers" and if we're not constantly on guard, we'll get tripped up by the exact characteristic God intended to be one of our strengths. Yet, which one of us diligently keeps our guard up all the seconds in every day? I'll be honest, I fail miserably at times...feelings win. Then, the lies and savvy tricks overwhelm me. What, you too?  I look at myself and think, "Girl, you did it now! How'd that happen?" In those moments it would be easy to give up. "What's the use?"

I read something the other day that spoke to my soul. "You'll never hear God say you're more trouble than you're worth."

Even when we're weak and feel like a failure, when we feel we can't hold the shield up for one more second, when we think it's over and we've lost the battle...God still stands guard. He is still the Victor and He's not afraid of our feelings. Most importantly, He'll never say, or think, we're not worth the fight.

There are moments in all our lives when we're ready to give up on ourselves. There are paths we walk that will test our stamina and our determination. There will be days when we have to ignore what we're feeling. Though we may fall, He will pick us up - again and again. We learn and grow. In those character-building moments, the Lord holds us and gently teaches us to trust, rest and hope in Him. The valley is never a waste when you have the Champion on your side!

No matter how we  may be feeling today, where we might find ourselves on this pathway, we can be hopeful. It's OK to feel weak, to need help, to need bandages for skinned-up knees at times. It's completely alright not to feel like Wonder Woman, or ourself for that matter. Feelings don't always tell us the truth, but God does. He says we are His. We are special, strong and brave...and we have what it takes to Him. We can lift our heads and proclaim, I'm not my feelings! I'm more than a conqueror...and the only me you get."