Monday, April 10, 2017

Droopy Down Day

My own 2 Corinthians 12:9 version ...His strength is made perfect weakness.

On day "more-than-I-care-to-count-with-the-flu-bug", during one of many trips routing from the couch to the bathroom, I paused at my vanity long enough to take a split-second evaluation of myself in the mirror. "Eww! Not a pretty picture," I surveyed. Yeah, then this non-selfie, girl snapped a quick pic - for you.

You see, I have a personalized "droopy-down-day" look. It's a look I cannot make happen on cue. In fact, I don't normally even think about it most of the time. However, on days like today, when I'm not feeling the greatest, when I'm sick, or when I'm tired and sometimes overly-stressed...I have a non-debatable "droopy-down-day" tell tale sign. Maybe it should be better called a souvenir. Or a gift. I don't know...

I can't remember if I've told the story here on my blog or not, so I thought this a perfect day to reflect and share. 

I have a photo album full of get-well cards and a letter written to me by my mom when I was only a little bitty girl. Seems like eons ago! I also have a permanent picture in my mind of my dad standing behind the pulpit when I was a teenager. I specifically remember him telling my story, completed with the "droopy-eye" look to the church congregation one Sunday between choir selections. Yes, it was a bit embarrassing at that point. Who wants to be "the girl with the droopy eye" anyhow? Goodness, I'm glad as I matured, I could see it a bit differently.

You see, when I was just a tiny thing, I developed a brain tumor which caused my vision to double. It was quite serious. I remember having my head put "inside a washing machine" at the hospital. This was my young interpretation of the machines they were using to take pictures of my head so they could see what was wrong with me. People prayed. God moved. The tumor disappeared and I was healed. Praise God!

I was left with a great testimony of God's power! eye that sags a bit even now on those "droopy-down-days".

Why? Sure, God could have healed me without leaving any proof that there ever had been a problem. I know He's more than capable. However, then on days like today, when I'm feeling extremely tired and sick, and little down-in-the-dumps, I wouldn't be able to look into that mirror and see my uniquely, individualized reminder of God's power and love for me - that He worked a miracle in my life. This little gift from the Lord reminds me that -

He hears our prayers, knows our needs, and loves us too much to leave us without the scars sometimes.  

So, that's my story to share. Even though I'm feeling sick and weaker than usual, I'm going to bed tonight with a smile. With my heart reminded and lifted a bit higher. He is a healer, even when I'm sick. And...I'm reminded of this simply because when I'm weak and tired my eye droops. Yet, when my eye droops, I'm reminded that He is strong. Thank you, Lord!