Friday, March 17, 2017

Testify! Spread the Word

So many, many people in our world are hurting. There is most likely something tender and painful that touches each of our lives - whether it be in our own lives or through the lives of our friends and loved ones. There are needs everywhere. 

From the grieving family from which cancer has finally taken away a mother, to the friends in need of healing from migraines and other diseases, to friends needing financial miracles for homes and vehicles, or those who simply need a brighter day. We need only take a quick look around in order to observe those who are worse off then ourselves. Some need peace, some need hope, some need to be wrapped tightly in a hug...some need encouraged, some need joy, and some just need someone to be present and stand in the gap in prayer.

If you're hurting. If you know someone who is hurting. Be encouraged. God hears every prayer - not only does He hear them, but He answers too.

I've seen God do some pretty amazing things lately. Diseases eliminated. Migraines vanished. Bones healed. Financial needs supplied from out of nowhere. Walls of protection in place of destruction and death. Salvation and forgiveness, chains of addiction broken and lives restored. Yes, I've seen it...all in the past month. God is STILL in the miracle working business!!! 

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us..."  Ephesians 3:20

 If you've had any miracles in your own life or know of any, spread the word. Let's testify of His mighty acts. Let's pray on one another;s behalf!!! If He's ever done it before, He CAN do it again.  


Your testimony could be the spark of fire that ignites someone's faith. 

Someone only you can touch might need to be reminded that God is omnipotent. He holds all-power to do whatever needs to be done. Let's spread the word! They need to hear us loud and clear...proclaiming God is able.

* I think God probably likes to hear us bragging on Him too! Just my opinion, for what it's worth. Lord be glorified!!!*

There are so many, many people in our world who are hurting...but there's a God who is aware of every need...there's nothing that escapes His sight and there's absolutely nothing He can't do! Now, be encouraged and help spread the word~