Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Choose: Let GO!

Just a thought God dropped into my heart today and I wanted to share for someone out there who is struggling and holding on for all your worth.

 Sometimes we have to lose to gain.


There! I said it. Losing can be so painful too, my friend. We've all felt the pangs of loss in our lives. I've had several more doses of it in my life than I ever wished for or anticipated. We may lose family members, health, jobs, our reputation...the list is endless. I'm not talking about that kind of loss though. I'm talking about the losses we choose.

Those things we'd rather be in control of because, quite often we're control freaks without even realizing it, aren't we? We want life to be "happily ever after" every day. We do what we can to control that outcome. We all like a happy ending, don't we? Yet... 

Sometimes we have to be willing to let go to receive. 

Wouldn't it be easier to let go if we knew that what we'd receive in return would be better? If it would work out better? If it would feel better?  That's the beautiful thing about living a life dedicated to the Lord. He never asks us to give up something without a blessing. (Think about Jacob wrestling with the angel.) 

It's difficult to pray "thy will be done" when we're afraid of what that will might be. What if it means I have to lose? What if it affects my life in a way I never even considered? The truth is that God's will for our lives has divine purpose and reason. It's an eternal thing.

The disciples had a choice when Jesus was calling them to something better. They had to choose to leave their old life behind and move forward into the unknown. Isn't that scary?! One has to be brave and courageous to follow through with that. I wonder if there were any men Jesus might have called that refused to take the chance? After all, Jesus let them know right up front that He had no place to lay His head. The life He was inviting them to choose wasn't a glamorous on. In fact, Jesus even told them they'd have to DENY themselves. They had to choose. Can you imagine all the thoughts that may have run through their minds while they were considering the risk of it all? We're often the same way.

 Sometimes we have to give up what we feel we can't let go of to receive the real blessing.


Indeed, it's difficult to let go of certain friendships and relationships, status of life, habits, our own will, etc., in order to receive all that God has in store and for us to fulfill our purpose in this life. 

We consider the cost. Can we take that leap of faith and know that what He replaces our "can't-let-go-of's" with will be better than we ever could've imagined? He wants to deliver us from holding on so tightly and invites us to change. His way! And, I always say "His way is best!", even while I am having my own issues with letting go. You see, I know His ways are best, but sometimes my heart doesn't want to believe it. Ouch! That doesn't change a thing though. I suppose it only proves what I already know: I don't know what's best for me, but He does.

What do you need to release to Him today? What do you need to make a conscious choice to give up today? Yes, it may feel like a temporary "sacrifice" but, oh, the blessings. Are you ready to receive the blessing that is set aside specifically for you? Your name is already on it. First, you must choose...hang on or let go.

Let GO and let GOD!