Monday, January 16, 2017

The. Very. Best. Place.

"And when they could not find by what way...they went upon the housetop, 
and let him down...into the midst before Jesus."  
 Luke 5:19

I pick up the phone to hear a troubled voice on the other end. I notice in an instant, there's pain and brokenness in the life of someone very dear to me. I listen. Suddenly, my own heart begins to feel as if it might break in two. I'm sure you've been there yourself, huh?

I hear the "bing" of a message being delivered on Facebook Messenger or through a text message. I open the message and begin to read cries for to hold her up in prayer, of dreadful circumstances that I can't even begin to imagine. Again, my heart begins to feel as if it might break in two. There are some situations we can be of help in, like when the four friends took their friend to see Jesus and let him down through the roof. (Luke 5) Yet, there are some things beyond your reach even though our heart's desire is there.

I sit with a friend as she shares the ugliness that life has brought into her world. My heart is grieved as I too can identify with her feelings. As I perceive the pain hidden within her eyes, as I watch hot tears course down her cheeks, I wonder at the smallness of my own being. I feel so much rising up within me as my heart does flip-flops within my chest. The desire to help is overwhelming. To make all the pain go away. Love. Care. Concern.

The truth is, I feel helpless. Although I may sweep her up in a gentle hug or take her hand in mine, or offer a simple smile, or try to reply with a simple word or photo of encouragement; in my heart I know none of these things are nearly enough. These feelings of care and concern can only come from loving so deeply. Yes, what I'm feeling is one of those risks of loving. Even though we would do just about anything possible to ease the pain, I know this:


There's ultimately only one thing we can do for those we love who are enduring painful, ugly  moments in their lives, and there's only one place we can take them to make it "all better." 


While a shopping trip or a cuppa shared together at a coffee shop might help make the pain dissipate for a short period of time, there's something better we can do to help ease the pain. The best thing!


When there is pain in their life, so intense that our own heart shares in the pain, when we want to do more, when we want to help...we can take them to the King.


You read it right! In the middle of all the pain and suffering, we can take those individuals to the feet of Jesus. Nobody cares for us like Him! (Heb. 4:15) Just imagine with me, if we are having these feelings of pain within our own hearts in reaction to the hurt of those we much more is He touched with their feelings? How much more than we does He care? How much more able than we is He to fix it and make it all better? Yes, that's the best place we can take them. THE. VERY. BEST. PLACE.

We cannot take the pain away, but He can. We cannot fix the circumstances, but God can speak peace. He can offering healing, answers and miraculous provisions. Take them to the King! Leave them prayerfully at His feet. He is exceedingly, abundantly (Eph. 3:20) able to take care of it all...our loved ones - and our aching heart too. Our friends will be thankful and we will be blessed by taking them to THE. VERY. BEST. PLACE. Now, let's take the tiles off that roof as we bring them to Jesus.

Lord, help us to take those we love, who are in deep pain,
to You - knowing that you'll take care of them...just like our hearts
desire to - only You do it "all better."