Monday, January 23, 2017

Squeezed Into Shape

 We all can probably quote the first verse of the Bible.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 

Then, in the next verse it says, "And the earth was without form..." (Genesis 1:2) 

The earth had been created, but it was without form. In other words, it was a worthless, empty place. A mess! I thought that was an amazing visual! Our Almighty, All-powerful, Omniscient God created, out of nothing, an earth which wasn't complete. Couldn't He have just as easily created an earth complete with all the heavenlies, plant and animal life simultaneously? Without a doubt in my mind, I know He could've; but that wasn't His plan. 

God chose to create some things. God chose to form some things. You see, while creating entails making something from nothing, to form means to "squeeze into shape" something that already is. God formed man out of the dust of the ground which He had created. (Gen 2:7) It wasn't enough for man to be created, He had to be formed. He was different.

Each of us are created in our mother's womb. A project overseen by our Creator. That's not the end of our story however. Once we are born, we begin the process of being formed. Again, couldn't God have just as easily created us to be exactly what He designed us to be in the first place? Sure, He could have. 

God is patient though, and goes to great effort to form and shape us into that perfect design He has in mind for us. Remember, we're all born in sin; we're unclean. He has a plan for us though.

We're each kind of like the "mess" the earth was in before God brought order to it. 

We're empty and void, but ready to be shaped into that perfect vessel fit for the King.

A piece of clay must be worked and reworked in the hands of the potter until it yields to his gentle touch. It's a process. If it doesn't yield, he starts again and makes it over. That's what God desires to do in us. We don't come into this world with all the answers. We don't make the right choices and decisions the first time around. And, that's alright! 

Each and every day we walk with the Lord we are being formed. The pressures of life, the trying of our faith makes us grow and mature. It's all good! We have a crown of life to obtain, Heaven to gain. 

Sure, He could've let us arrive on this earth with the ready-made label "all that - and a bag of chips", but He chose instead to form us day by day. 

A treasure squeezed into shape by the One who loves us exactly as we are, but too much to leave us so. Just a note ya'll,  He'll never squeeze us more than we're capable of withstanding.

Won't you take a step of faith with me and invite God to do more with our lives than just the average? Can we encourage one another to endure the pressing? Let's invite Him to squeeze us into the vessel He desires, until we're all He wants us to be. Formed. Holy. Consecrated. Dedicated. A work, completed and signed by Him. A true Master-piece.

God, please squeeze me a little bit more each day.
While it might not always feel good, I know it's working for my good.
Squeeze out the messy, and make me more like You.
Until I'm complete, finished and shining bright,
fit for a crown designed by You.