Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lost & Found: Faithfulness


"When we're faithful to Him, He is faithful to us," my husband said to me as we headed back to Kroger for the second time in thirty minutes. 

You see, we were out and about doing our Saturday to-do's and had already crossed the grocery store off the list. Except, I had left my phone behind in the cart. One important note: I hadn't realized it yet.

We had left the store and headed to our next destination. In fact, we had completely finished with our next stop and were back in the car talking about being faithful to God in our financial giving. Uh-oh! That's when I thought about the money I had stuck back in the pocket of my phone case. 

Immediately, I frantically began feeling my pockets and looking around the car for my phone. No luck! It was nowhere to be found and I began to mentally track my steps...and I knew exactly where it was. At least I knew where I had left it.

My sweet hubby put in a call to Kroger service department to ask if someone had turned a phone in. My heart beat like the thundering of horses running for the finish line on Derby Day. I knew I had my license, debit card and quite a bit of money in my phone case, not to mention the phone itself. It was quite possible it was all long gone all because of my carelessness.

The busy service attendant finally took our call and asked for descriptive details about the phone I had "left behind". We had to give a description...and wait...forever. The sweet angelic voice finally came through the phone that, "Yes!" they did have my phone. A service clerk had turned it in. In my book, it was nothing short of a miracle!

While receiving a gentle, but firm, lecture about laying my phone in the top part of the cart, my husband made the "faithful" statement. And boy, was I ever so thankful at that moment that we could be counted faithful in the giving category. 

A while later, with my phone in hand, I opened it slowly and saw that all contents were accounted for. Yet another addition to my miracle for the day! God is indeed faithful!!!

Sometime we wonder if we're seen.

Is God really paying attention to us and our measly lives? The answer, my friend, is without a doubt, "YES!" Today, a missing phone reminded me again. He does see us.

"For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and he pondereth all his goings." Prov. 5:21

He knows are faithfulness, our unfaithfulness; He knows when we are doing right and when there is sin in our lives. He knows when we need His assistance, He knows when we are ignoring Him and trying to do things on our own. He always knows exactly what our need is, what the situation calls for and exactly how He plans to come through on our behalf. And...

He knows when to send an honest grocery store clerk to the rescue, for the sake of showing His children that He IS paying attention. that's exactly what happened. I walked out of that grocery store humbled and with thankfulness in my heart. My hubby looked at me and smiled. 

Yes, there are so many benefits of serving the Lord. So may blessings along the way for being faithful in the little things. God proves over and over again that He is faithful and He sees our every move. Even when it comes down to little segments of Lost and Found.

How has He shown His faithfulness to you today? Don't miss the small stuff!