Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Way He Chooses

As we celebrate another year coming to an end and a new one waiting patiently just beyond the horizon, I have been doing some reflecting.

I entered the Christmas season anticipating a miracle. We needed a financial miracle! Life has a way of handing out super-sized doozies with a cherry on top, right? I didn't realize it at the time, but that wasn't the only miracle we were in need of. 

A message over our Christmas vacation reminded me that, just as Jesus came to earth long ago in an unexpected way, our miracle might come that way too. Indeed, it might not be wrapped in the perfect little package I had manufactured in my mind as the "perfect" way. Why, even Mary probably didn't envision the birth of her first child to take place in the manner that it happened. What mother in her right mind would want her child to be born in such an environment?! Jesus could have been born in a palace, without the lowing of cattle, but He didn't choose to have it happen that way. 

So, if we've been searching for a miracle to come wrapped in a certain package...we might not find it there at all. Yet, let's still be encouraged...that doesn't mean a miracle isn't happening in the midst of the stink of a manger. 

Although I can't quite see the financial miracle I was waiting for; I received what I did not anticipate and was greatly blessed. God's time, He will provide the other miracle wrapped up just the way He chooses. He could have had it arrive at Christmas time like I had anticipated, but He knows best. He could have wrapped it exactly like I was expecting, but He chose not to. He could have. No doubt about His ability; I know nothing is impossible for Him. He didn't choose to though.

My friend, as we enter 2017, don't lose your focus on those hopes and dreams which weren't visually fulfilled this year. Keep the faith, knowing that God will come through at just the right time. He's never made a mistake and I don't imagine He'll start making them now. 

Let's remember, it might not always happen or look like what we anticipate. The miracle might not look like a might look like a normal baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger. It might not look like a palace. Instead, it might be a manger. Our miracle could be handed to us on a silver platter, but He might not choose to deliver it so. Nevertheless...the miracle will be approved and provided by the Miracle just the way He chooses.

Keep looking, keep hoping!  My beautiful Grands!