Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sing the Season

The dark, night sky lit up with heavenly beings singing Glory To God In the Highest. Yes, even the angels knew the importance of singing the season on that night long ago when a lowly manger welcomed the tiny babe who was also King of Kings. What a night!

I suppose David knew it too...there is something exciting about being able to sing...especially in the darkness of night. He had learned and experienced the thrill of singing and could testify of its effectiveness. He wrote many songs about the seasons in his life.

Carolers go about door to door, singing in the darkness of night. Can you hear them singing the season? Joy To the World. Silent Night. We Three Kings. We peep out of frosted window panes or open our doors a bit to enjoy the joyous melodies sung on our behalf. 

What a great blessing it is to sing the season! 

This time of year carries with it all kinds of memories and traditions. Some of them are joyful, some aren't. We may feel many emotions ebb and flow as we go about the holiday season. The trick is not to get hung up on the low moments. (Uhmm...note to self!) It can happen before we know it though. 

Comparison can steal our song; as can the urge to "keep up with the Jones's." The hustle and bustle of shopping can drain our energy and leave us physically drained. The absence of loved ones can quieten our song too. Waiting in slow, seemingly-endless lines or trying to snag that coveted, front, parking space might attempt to muffle our songs. Dysfunctional families. Lack of finances. On and on we could go...

So, what's the answer during these dark moments we might unexpectedly bump into this season? SING! It's simple praise. Yes, we can sing too! Grab the hand of a friend, spouse, family member, neighbor or even a stranger - and break out in a song. No matter which song you choose...sing it out, sing it loud, sing it expecting...because Jesus is the real reason for this season and He can give a song like no other...even a song in the night or the dark seasons of your life.

There's no night so dark that a bit of singing can't brighten. Sing the season!

It might look dark for a moment...but those are the best times to sing. Sing on, friends~