Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Love Languages at Christmas

I have a question you have any thoughts to share? Comments welcome.

They say love is shown in your deeds, not your words. I understand that we must "show" our love one to another on those scales. Isn't that a love language all its own though? I was thinking about the 5 love languages. One of my top love languages is...words of affirmation. That's the most fulfilling way in which I enjoy expressing my love to others too. Some of us need to hear it more, some of us like to say it more, while others prefer to be shown than told. I completely understand. I suppose it's correct to say then that cleaning the kitchen would be a better way to show love to some than receiving a note that expresses love or perhaps a simple touch. 
We each have our own style of love.
So, what happens when you don't love someone the way they need to be loved? In their preferred language. Do they still feel loved? Will they recognize your individual expression as love? God give each of us unique ways to love. Are we supposed to fulfill the role according another's love language or are we supposed to express love to others from our own God-given style? 

I was just thinking about this as I try to take care of my Christmas list. Different people. Different love languages. I remember the saying, "It's the thought that counts." Do people now days still recognize and feel that way? If I write a letter of gratitude expressing my love and appreciation, is that as good as giving a Kitchen Aid or perhaps a lotion set from Bath & Body? In my opinion, if I write, I'm giving part of myself. If I create something, I'm giving part of myself. I can buy something from any store, but on my value scale that would not be near as valuable.And again...that's MY WAY of loving, not the only way.

I understand everyone is not like myself. What a world that would be! And everyone isn't like you. Imagine that! We're each created uniquely as designed by the Lord. So, how do you express your love? Does that line up with the type of gift you'd like to receive? What you would give? What is your primary love language and how will you express your love this Christmas season?