Monday, December 19, 2016

Intangible Gifts

It is with a grateful heart that I'm sitting here writing this soggy, December day. Mind you, there's only six days until Christmas morning to be exact, and one tiny (major to me) detail on my wish list has been fulfilled. Oh my goodness! Happy, thankful, girl here!

It's so amazing how God cares for AND takes care of us; He truly never ceases to amaze me. He hears each desperate cry of our heart, every time. As a loving Father, even our slightest whimper never goes unnoticed. And He answers. It might not always be how we might expect, but He's faithful to do it just the same. Besides, He usually does it up better than what we could have ever imagined or expected in the first place, right?

Actually, the longer I sit here and write, I'm realizing that another - and yet another - component of my Christmas list has already been answered. And, yes...all those grown-up Christmas wishes I've received so far have been intangible ones.  (With the exception of a giant hug. Oh, how delightful those are!) I think that's my "theme" for the season - intangible

Recognizing the beauty and being thankful in the quiet, untouchable, things of life.

Consider this, words whispered quietly between the melody of holiday songs, thoughtful text messages and sweet photos delivered on my mobile phone, love and support, unexpected surprises, the sentiments behind a handwritten note, noticing smiles and the twinkle seen in the eyes of those closest to you...these are a few of my favorite things - all precious gifts to me. (A special thanks to all who have been a part of my Christmas already, I am indeed blessed.)

I wonder how often we overlook some of the truest and best gifts we receive because we're waiting for the "big ones" we can touch, those we can unwrap. Sure, the brightly colored ribbons and bows make unwrapping a gift from under the tree extra exciting...but what about holding another hand in your own? How about the gift of looking someone in the eye and knowing or reminding them that they're "your people", that they have your back or you have theirs, knowing that you're loved or what about that blessed bit of encouragement delivered straight from the wisdom of an old-timer? There are so many, many gifts we miss, don't we? All priceless.

Again, we're only six days away...there's still time to make a difference that will last for eternity. Someone said to me, "those other things (the things we can hold) will all fade away" but,  there are things we can give one another this holiday season which will last an eternity. Which would you rather have? Which would be more meaningful? It's something to think about. We each have something only we can give, because that's how God designed it to be. 

What can we give that will outlast the 25th of December? 

Toys break. Flowers fade. Crock pots quit working. Hammers go missing. Yummy prizes spoil. You know, the touchables...

Sure, it's fun to give and receive those types of gifts too. I'm not implying anything different. The satisfaction of seeing the look on the receiver's face when they open their gift can be gratifying. However, the truest treasures are those given from heart to heart. Those that can't be taken away, broken or spoiled. Yes. You guessed it. Intangibles. 

Let's all try to pick out one gift for each person on our "giving" list...and touch their lives in an intangible way. No standing in line, no out-of-stock items, no fighting the crowd...let's just open our hearts and give. That's the true meaning of Christmas after all~