Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Color Palette of Your Season

So, this will probably be my final post for 2016. I plan to shut the computer down and enjoy family time and focus on my Christmas. Will the words stop bobbing around in my head? In my heart? Probably not, but I'll try to file them away to share at a later date after the first of a new year. Until then...

While traveling home from North Georgia with my husband early this morning, I began to look out the window and think. At first, I could barely see (yes, we had to get an early start, uugh! Did I mention I'm so NOT a morning person? Anyway...) for the sun hadn't yet risen over the dark, silent mountain peaks. I watched quietly as we continued to drive The wintry world came alive before my eyes. The beautiful, colorful fall hues I had previously enjoyed and written about only a month before were now erased. Gone. A new color palette had been used to paint the beginning of this morning's splendor.

As the morning sun brightened, I noticed the new color scheme which painted the world around me consisted of different hues of grays, blacks, browns, greens and whites. Not spectacular to say the very least as far as beautiful colors go. Yet as I continued my watching and pondering, I began to notice beautiful, white, crispy, frost blanketing fields, trees and homes. There was such a heavy frost it looked as if it had snowed. Gorgeous! Leafless trees stood at attention in their dark, black suits while the evergreens showed off their emerald outfits proudly. As we traveled the S-shaped, mountain roads; I realized that, even in this cold, bleak, season there were still elements of beauty.

Then I thought to myself, it's just the same as the seasons we have in our own lives. We're each in a different season, experiencing our lives a little bit differently from our neighbor. No matter where we may find ourselves, our God has provided an element of beauty in EVERY season. It's there, my friend, we just have to look through new lenses. From a different perspective. With fresh vision.

New buds burst forth in springtime, sparkling, lemonade on the hot blistering days of summer , the crackling of dying leaves underfoot on a path during the fall, and the bleakness of winter that allows the holly berries to stand out so brilliantly. 

You see, there's beauty hidden somewhere in each season.


God does that just for His children. Just because He can and so we won't grow weary of the journey. If you've been in a certain season for quite a while, be encouraged that it won't last always. Seasons change. If it's winter in your heart,there's hope in knowing that spring is just ahead. But...while you're in this certain season, enjoy the beauties of it. God's hidden away little nuggets all along our paths - for our enjoyment - even in the seasons we don't care for. 

Grab a warm blanket and cuddle up beside the hearth. Let's warm ourselves by the crackling fire with cup of hot tea or cocoa. Let's invite someone to join us in our season. Maybe they can help point out some of the beauty we might be overlooking. Perhaps together, even in the coldness of December, winter months, we can share how God shows up in each and every day. Because, my friend, if I haven't learned anything else this year, I've learned that He does indeed do every season. 

So, what season do you find yourself in? He's colored every season of our lives with just the right amount of beauty. He always shows up with just the right color palette for your season too...and He's promised that seasons change if we'll just hang in there and trust Him in the meantime.

Merry Christmas from me to you. God bless you! Prayers for the best Christmas ever...because we've remembered to look for Him in it no matter what season it may be in our hearts.