Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Hope

Christmas...the night when Hope was born.
It didn't happen or look quite like anyone expected,
but all was bright in spite of that. A silent, holy
night for sure, a new beginning - all was right.

Christmas...the time when we celebrate hope.
Often it doesn't happen or look quite like we
may be expecting either, but in spite of all of that, it can
be holy, right  - a new beginning for each of us.

Christmas...the moment in time when our years
worth of life might lay like a jumbled, tangled, pile
of twine at our feet. It's also the moment in time
when Hope heals and helps us see such darkness bright.

Christmas...a season of re-winding and renewing,
because Hope makes all things new in spite of how it looks.
Silent, holy, blessed and right - as we begin anew.
Another hope-filled year all because we have Hope.

Merry Christmas, aren't we glad we have hope
and Hope has us?
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