Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Relationships & A Loving Father - Thankful In (F)All

I intended to begin writing yesterday, November 1, but here it is day 2. Better late than never, right? Life happens like that. So unpredictable!

I'm attempting to continue on with a new challenge: to spend 30 days of being truly thankful. I suppose I'll call it the  -

Thankful In (F)All Challenge

November 1:  I would have to say that I am especially thankful for every relationship in my life. The ones that are healthy and growing, the ones which are struggling and need work, and also the ones which have yet to begin. I'm thanking God for each person in my life past, present and future...for what they've brought to the table of my life. Thank you, Lord!

Today: I thank the Lord for His love and for teaching me, day by day, to truly trust and depend upon Him. (Even while I've been acting like the children of Israel and going around the same mountain over and over!) I thank Him for teaching me the hard stuff and showing me where I fall short...but He doesn't stop there. I'm thankful  He never leaves me alone and expects me to do that changing and figuring it out on my own. He is truly a loving Father. My heart is grateful. I want to be yielding to Him in all ways. Headed toward the Promise Land~ Thank you, Lord!

"I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall
continually be in my mouth." Ps. 34:1