Thursday, November 3, 2016

Eye Sight #Thankful In (F)All

Today, I'm thankful for my eye sight. For the ability to see. For natural and spiritual eyes. Thank you, Lord.

I often take it for granted, but lately things have been getting blurrier and it has been harder to focus. Natural eye sight. I've relied more often than not on my trusty Dollar Tree readers the last couple months. ("Over 39 1/2 eyes," the doc said.) I've went from having one pair to having several strategically placed in different rooms of the house. I can't read without them.

In the kitchen, I can't read recipes or directions. In my living room, I can't read my computer or books. In my bathroom, I can't read medicine labels or identify which bottle is shampoo and which is conditioner. I rely on my readers.

When I go out and about, I need them too. I'm good to drive, but cannot fill out forms, operate gas pumps or do the business on the little pad at the Walmart checkout. I cannot fill out a deposit slip at the bank either. I rely on my readers.

I find the same is true of my spiritual eye site. Just like our natural eyes can become feeble and need help, so can our spiritual eyes. Things can become blurry quite quickly during those times. Things look different to me than they do to others. I've found myself asking God multiple times recently to help me see more like He sees. Lord, clear up my sight so I can view things from your perspective. I want to put on my spiritual readers!

When I don't have my spiritual readers on, every situation seems to be blown out of proportion. I can get confused and not know which path to take. I may even find myself stuck in a pit that I didn't see coming. BAM! Teach me to look at things from your point of view, Lord.  My sight gets cloudy and I find myself in a rut more often than I'd like to admit. I need those spiritual readers in every room of of my spiritual life too. How about you? Are you praying this prayer with me today?

Through His eyes anything is possible. From His vantage point, what seem like mountainous , victory-stealing obstacles are merely tiny molehills.  Those things that appear blurry and impossible to overcome are but light things for Him. That sickness? Disease? Only a word from Him and it has to vacate the premises. We only need to clear our sight and rely completely on Him. A choice we have to make! Will we continue throughout our days not trusting God, or will we put on our Faith readers and trust Him completely?

Lord, thank you for my natural eye sight and for the ability to see in the natural, but I also want to be able to see correctly in the spiritual.  And, for those times when readers aren't enough and I need a new prescription straight from the throne of glory, please help me to see that too. Help me to trust you and look through eyes and lens' of faith. Help me to always focus upon rely upon you in every circumstance and situation. 

Thank you today, Lord - Day 3 - for my eye sight.