Friday, October 7, 2016

God Showed Up Thru Snail Mail, My Husband & Quietness #write31days

Well, God showed up Wednesday and Thursday...I just didn't show up to post to tell you how. Oh my! Some days happen that way, don't they?

On day 5, God showed up thru SNAIL MAIL! I don't remember the last time I received a letter that way, but Wednesday it happened. The letter came from an unusual origin...from a jail cell. Guess it's not SO different, lots of Paul's letters came to us from jail, didn't they? I haven't really had any contact with this person for several years.

Let me just sum it up by saying, we never know quite the effect we have on people at the time. It might seem at times like every ounce of effort we put forth is canceled in some way by the things which we didn't "do right" or didn't say get the picture. It's a classic trick the enemy never gets tired of playing on us. However, it is possible to touch someone's life in ways which we cannot even begin to imagine. In this letter, it wasn't one really big thing that made a difference in this persons life, but it was several little, simple gestures that stuck in this persons mind. Things I did, with the help of God, that stood out. So, I say...never can we be too careful in our actions and the way we bless people who come along our path. We're making some kind of difference. On that we can be sure. I thank God for that small reminder for me to keep being who I am and doing all that I can to touch lives.

Thursday...God showed up thru my husband of 25 years. He'd been gone on a job trip since Tuesday and got home to me yesterday afternoon. When he walked in the door and swept me up and held me tightly...I melted. It was at that very moment that God reminded me how very much He loves me, how He longs to hold me each day, how He longs to be with me. It was quite powerful. I basked in my husband's love as he gently rocked me in his recliner. I know, I am a little "large and old" to be rocked...but it felt so good. I'm thankful that God loves us even more than our spouses do and we never get too big for His lap either.

Today is Friday, day 7...God showed up today thru quietness. Sometimes life can get really loud and I find myself out of control. I'm trying to learn balance! It's a hard one for me, I admit. Today has been a quiet day. Although I spent time running the roads, I spent extra time being quiet and still. Pastor just taught in Bible study how we miss out and are often disappointed with life because we miss our appointments with God. I so enjoyed my time with my Savior this morning. I'm extra thankful that He's always the quiet and in the noise; however, it's so nice to shut ourselves in and enjoy His presence for a bit. Times of refreshing!

So, now I'm caught up sharing how God has showed up in my days...hope you're finding Him in yours as well...stop, look, listen...when we seek Him, we find Him. Truth!