Saturday, October 8, 2016

God Showed Up In...My Kitchen #write31days

Yes, God is in our EVERY day. True statement. Sometimes we look at all the obvious stuff. For instance, if we received an unexpected check in the mail. You know the sort, that's kind of obvious. We say, "Look what God did!" Today, I found myself in the middle of the evening, thinking, "Where did I see God today?" You know, the quote about friends being like stars? It goes something like, "You might not be able to see them, but you know they're there." Sometimes we have to take a deeper look and "search" for God in our days.

So, I found myself standing in the kitchen preparing for a church dinner tomorrow. I love to cook, most of the time. I began thinking about how excited I get whenever I prepare food for someone. It doesn't matter what the dish or occasion might be, but I always get a tad bit excited about doing so.

I began to wonder how excited God must get as He prepares our home in Heaven. How must He have felt when He was telling the disciples that He was going away to prepare a place for them? I thought about how excited He must have been creating our world. Remember, He spoke things into existence and said it was good?  Even when He was in agony on the cross, I wonder how He felt in spirit because He knew He was doing what He came to this earth to do and what it meant for those He left behind and those to come?

And...while I was preparing my pasta dishes...I stopped at my sink and thanked God for it all. Don't you just kind of love the fact that God probably gets excited to do stuff on our behalf? I remember a verse that said something about it being His "good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." He knows the plans He has for us...each of us...complete details...beyond what we can even imagine. That's exciting!

What a way to find God in my day! It is well with my soul.