Thursday, October 27, 2016

God Showed Up In a Word #write31days

God showed up today in the word:


Go with me, if you will, to the fair. (It's that time of year, ya'll.) Any fair. Walk with me down the end-to-end aisle of concession stands. Smell with me for a moment the delicious aroma's of unhealthy, all-things-fried, turkey legs or pulled pork plates. See kids of all ages, young and old alike, as they look through finger smudged windows and order up their favorite bites. Now, let's go to the circus tent and watch the ringmaster work skillfully with animals as they do trick after amazing trick. 

I'm certain you'll hear the sounds of a child or adult, "OO-ing" somewhere along the way. If I could describe or define that two-letter word it would be something like: an expression of awe or appreciation at what is being beholden. (I'm not Webster though.) Whether it be a delectable bite of food they've waited all year for, or maybe it's a monkey that can open a locked cage or a lion that can jump through a ring of fire. "OO! That's awesome!" Can you hear it from where you are?

This little word, if you want to call it that, is also stuck right in the middle of the word "good". That's where I found it today. Stood out to me like a neon light! "OO, that's good!" 

We're all aware that God created and then "saw that it was good." Of course it was! How could it be anything but so when He was the One doing all the work? Can't you just picture Him admiring the work that He had just created? As trees came on the scene, as fish splashed in the cold waters, "OO! It is good!" I'm sure He also proclaimed it was good as the children of Israel crossed the sea on dry land? And when Jesus was baptized by John or when His spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost. So many countless examples we could name - "OO! It is good!"

Every GOOD and perfect gift comes from Him. There is good in every one of our days. Benefits of serving Him. I'm finding that as I write in this 31 day challenge that if I look hard enough, if I pay attention, I CAN ALWAYS find God...and therefore good

He's undeniably there in the midst of every one of my me His "good." Sometimes it doesn't look exactly like I thought it might, but then, His ways are not my ways, are they? 

So, I'm sitting here typing this post to remind myself, and to let you know, that we can all "OO!" and "AH!" at the works and plan of our Maker. As He works each situation out for our good, as He bestows blessings upon us, as He makes us into what He sees for us, and shows up in our best and worst days, let us proclaim that He is good and because of that, we are blessed and it is well with our souls. "OO! That is good! He is good" - pass it on.