Tuesday, October 11, 2016

God Showed Up In Strength #write31days

God showed up in my today in...


You know those mornings, when the alarm goes off and your arm involuntarily flings over and slams the snooze button. Your eyelids are stuck together and refuse to open no matter how much effort you give it. Then, you fall back into a momentary slumber only to be jarred awake once more by the alarm. Good morning, Sunshine! Finally, you to peel yourself out of bed because you have a day ahead of you that won't wait. By the time you swing your feet over the side of the bed and they hit the floor...

How often do we wake up in the morning from a good night's rest and think about where our strength to get up comes from? I know I take it for granted more times than not but it is something worth thinking about...and today I am. He is my strength...and yours too. 

Even before our feet hit the floor He is working in us and on the day that lies ahead of us. He knows what's on our agenda. He is aware of every detail. He realizes that we'll need His help to get to the end of our day and He's there to provide the strength we need to make it through. Not only in the physical, but spiritual realm too. I thank the Lord for knowing that some days we need more than other days. He always provides just enough. How encouraging!

Aren't you thankful with me today? What a blessing it is! Strength.

Tomorrow when we arise, let's pause to take a moment and thank Him for another day, for strength to do what we need to do in our personal lives and for His Kingdom - the most important stuff. 

We are a blessed people!