Monday, October 3, 2016

God Showed Up In People #write31days

God showed up in my day...


This morning, I opened an email and what I read encouraged my spirit. I was thankful. Then my phone rang a bit later. Actually, after a couple rounds of phone tag, I listened to the voice on the other end of the line talk about the favor of God. I hung up the phone a while later encouraged in my spirit once again. This evening, on a trip to Walmart, I stopped long enough to speak with the door greeter. Our conversation soon turned into a God-thing as she shared with me her loss of her first grandchild and the topic turned into trusting God. I offered my condolences and walked out the sliding doors feeling thankful and encouraged once again.

God uses people. People are often God with skin on! He can do it ALL BY HIMSELF, however, He chooses to use humanity often times to "help" Him out. As if He needed our measly efforts! We are His vessels. He desires to use us, to speak through us, to teach through us. He often times shows up in our days through others. He used Aaron to encourage and help Moses. He used apostles to encourage the churches. He used all kinds of people in the Bible...and He's still doing so today.

So, this evening, on day three of this 31 day writing challenge, God showed up to speak to and encourage me...and He used ordinary people to do it. I find myself blessed today and thankful for the different relationships I have with these people because He showed up through them. Can't wait to see how He shows up tomorrow!!!