Monday, October 17, 2016

God Showed Up In October Hues #write31days

I think it was Anne (with an "e") of Green Gables mentioned something about being thankful for a world with Octobers. Today, God showed up in:

...the flaming bright reds, oranges and yellows of leaves scattered in bright, warm sunshine.

I love this time of year. It is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. As things begin a season of dying off, it is a display of pure magnificence. A priceless artistic work by our masterful Creator. It amazes me how He does it year after year. Always beautiful and stunning. Never a let down.

Made me think about my life, and maybe you'll stop to think about yours as well. We all go through seasons, each different and unique in its own way; however, God always has a way of making each one beautiful if we'll simply cooperate and continue on the journey. 

In Autumn, leaves fall. Branches become bare. Things eventually start looking gray and hopeless in winter. Again in spring, things burst forth with life...and on and on it goes. Yet, with each passing season, God has always tucked away details of beauty, sweet delights and pleasures which we can enjoy along the way. So it is with life. I'm finding it more so every day as I "stop" to see God in each of my days. #write31days

In all our life-seasons, God is there. He never fails to show up. He never does half-hearted work. What He does is always amazingly beautiful if we can only look at it in His perspective. Let's enjoy our seasons! Celebrating, learning, growing and most of  all enjoying the journey that God has laid out for us. Each season brings a beauty all its own. Blessings on you this October~

Yesterday, I did not have the opportunity to sit down and write; however, yesterday, God showed up as a Healer. During our church service, a gentleman was healed and received His sight. It was amazing! God still performs miracles...He's the same yesterday, today and forever.