Friday, October 14, 2016

God Showed Up In a Mixer #write31days

Today God showed up in a...

Sunbeam Stand Mixer

I was thinking over my day, trying to decide what to share. As I stood at the counter prepping my son's twenty-first birthday cake (strawberry with Cool Whip icing), my thoughts turned to that deep red mixer. I watched as it spun the silver bowl round and round mixing the cake batter thoroughly. I watched the shiny beaters cut through the ingredients making them smooth and ready to pour into cake pans.

As the mixing bowl went round and round, I watched and my thoughts turned to the Potter's wheel. I've always been intrigued by the potter and the clay. I've always loved the stories of lumps of clay being turned into beautiful displays of art. I've always loved the Biblical concept of the Lord being the Potter and us being the clay. I've always prayed that God would keep me on His wheel and make me a vessel of honor, a vessel He could use.

I continued to watch. Then, I said quietly to myself, "I'm so thankful the Lord molds and makes us with His gentle, patient nail-scarred hands. I'm thankful that He doesn't beat us up like the mixer was doing to that pink cake batter." Sometimes we feel like we have it so badly. Things don't look quite like we'd like them to; but we can never say that the Lord abuses us and treats us poorly. 

He always applies gentle pressure when He's working on us, and always with those loving nail-scarred hands. How safe we are in His hands. What beautiful vessels He desires to make out of each of us! He is patient. Loving. Compassionate. Always with our best interest at heart.

As I placed those cake pans into the oven, I whispered a quiet "thank you" to the Potter of my soul. Again, nobody can do us like He can. Perfect works of excellence. To bring Him glory. Thank you Lord, for not leaving me like you found me and for being the perfect gentleman.