Sunday, October 9, 2016

God Showed Up In His Amazing Vessels #write31days

God showed up in my today through...His amazing vessels.

Today is a special day: Pastor Appreciation Day

So today, I'd like to say that God showed up through my pastor and pastor's wife, Rev. Ron & Sheree Linville. I give honor to them for their example and leadership. For their vision and passion for the things of God. Pastor preaches the Word with great anointing and my soul is always fed and constantly challenged to grow and be better. My pastor's wife, First Lady of The Sanctuary, is an inspiration to me. She consistently gives her all. She is a true worshiper. She loves God with all her heart. Simply beautiful.

I could keep writing forever, but some things are too personal and are to be "pondered in the heart." I'd just like to thank God that He placed these two beautiful people in my life. I am better because of it. They may never read this post, but I just want to express my love, gratitude and appreciation. 

After an honorary dinner this afternoon following service, an elder touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes as he expressed his love for this precious pair. The simple, straight from the heart expression made me a bit more thankful for the precious gift God has given us. If you have a pastor in your life, you should cherish him and his family. They sacrifice much!

Today...God showed up thru these two, very special, amazing vessels of God. My heart is grateful. Thankful. Overwhelmed with awe at the plan and order of God. I am blessed ~ and I pray blessings upon them and thank them for their love for us and their dedication to the work of the Lord.