Tuesday, October 18, 2016

God Showed Up In a Field #write31days

God showed up today in a...

My husband and I were out cruising the area of the Chickamauga Battle Field, in north Georgia, this evening. I always love to ride through looking for wildlife along the way. On this Autumn afternoon, we saw eleven deer out and about in the fields.

It's always an amazing to me. I get so excited! (Like a little one on Christmas morning. I know, may sound crazy, but that's just how the good Lord chose to wire me up.) Yet, this evening as we road slowly along our usual "back roads", scanning the wide range of land between wooded areas, there about 20 yards off the road something caught my attention. 

I looked once, then did a double take. Yes, what I thought I saw was truly there. Not standing, but sitting there stoically among tall, wispy tendrils of wheat was a tiny family of deer. All three animals, resting peacefully, even with us looking on from our vehicle. They were never spooked, never moved...it seemed they didn't even care that we were there. They were perfectly content right where they were. Beautiful! 

Confession time. You know, I find I'm a lot like most of the deer I've encountered in my lifetime...easily spooked to the point of taking off and running for what I think is safety at the mere hint of perceived danger.

This "first" was a beautiful sight for my eyes to behold. My mind immediately traveled to one of my favorite passages: Psalm 23, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures." A place of nourishment, contentment, a time of restoration designed especially by God. A good place for my soul. A place of refreshing. A haven of safety.

As I sat there in the car, gazing in awe at this cute little family, my heart leaped within me as I began to quietly thank God for those perfect times of refreshing that He brings about when I slow down and allow Him to step into my busy days. How I long, more and more each day, to simply sit at His feet. How I long to be near Him. To learn more of Him. To obtain more from Him. To bask in His sweet presence without quickly running away. I think that's what it means to simply "rest" in Him.

No matter what comes our way, He is our Refuge. We can rest in Him on even the toughest days. You know, those days when we feel like we can't make it any longer. When the slightest wind gust threatens to send us tumbling. Those days when it seems simply too hard to stand. We can be still. We can find a field, a safe place where we can be near to Him. A place to be completely safe, restored, refreshed and made whole once again.

Thank you, Lord, for each field experience you place in my life. Let me always run to you. Let each person reading this post chose to run to you also. You are our resting place. Thank you, for allowing this special little family to be perfectly poised this evening to minister to me. Thank you for showing up in the field for me today.
Not the best pic...but here they are...resting~