Friday, October 28, 2016

God Showed Up in the Energizer Bunny #write31days

We see God on the good days and in the good things that happen to us. That's easily noticed, isn't it? But what about when life happens and we have to find God in the ugly? It's difficult to locate God on our GPS during those heart-wrenching moments, isn't it?

Not because He isn't there, but more likely because our perspectives are askew, or the pain is so great, or maybe we're just plain exhausted, weak and numb in every way. Our head knows He's there, but our heart can't seem to find Him.

I don't know about you, and let me be really transparent here, but sometimes I just have plain old "bad" days when I don't function efficiently for one reason or another. Some days there are endless tears. I might just want to roll over and act like the world has stopped in its tracks even though I know better. Sometimes I feel I'll die if I'm not around my people, and still other days I need time alone. Some days I feel like I can't do anything right and previously spoken words rattle around in my head reminding me that, indeed it's true, I am a failure and have too many weaknesses to be of any value to God or anyone else for that matter. Worthless. Useless. Broken.

Finding God in the ugly. Some days that's exactly how God chooses to show up. 

Kind of like the Energizer bunny!

He doesn't make our days look ugly, circumstances and choices do. Life happens. It's in those moments, however, when we're most desperate for Him that we cling to His hand for all we're worth. He LOVES those times when we totally rely upon Him. We know we can't do it without Him anyhow when it comes right down to it. 

It's on those dark, unpleasant days that God shows up with a dose of simple will-power to keep us going. Kind of like the Energizer bunny...we just keep going. Remember, it's the power in the batteries that keeps the bunny going. It's not in our strength or abilities. It's solely because of His power as He gently carries us on those days. He holds us close and helps us get our focus back and our perspective corrected. He allows us time to regroup without condemning us. That time of being close to Him allows us to gain renewed strength to just keep going.

Ugly days will come for us all but God isn't scared of the ugliness and will faithfully walk by our side. Yes, we can find beauty and the blessings of God on those ugly days. He doesn't disappear like our emotional GPS would like us to believe; rather, He is as constant, powerful and able as ever. He shows up with that quiet, unconditional love and patience to see us through. He also gives us a dose of His just keep going.