Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Day Writing - God Shows Up

Welcome! Today begins my first day of a 31-day writing challenge. It's a big commitment, but I am excited about it and hope that, with each passing day, that my eyes will be open and alert to see the blessings God installs in each of my days...and share it with you.
 I know often times we (I) get busy. Don't most of us jam-pack our days with things to do? Don't we oftentimes say that there aren't enough hours in the day? Truth is, God made the span of time in our day and He said, "it was good." So, that settles that. There are enough hours in a day after all...its just how we manage our time and priorities. We're often times not good stewards of what God has given us in that area if we're daring enough to be brutally honest with ourselves. So, I've determined to do what I can to carve a spot into each of the next 31 days...and write.

So, having said that, let me start this day off with this phrase: 
"God shows up in our every day! Period." 

Can I challenge you, along with myself, to take a different look, perhaps gain a new perspective on each day. Let's LOOK for ways God shows up. Let's share those things with others and challenge them to do the same. How different our world would be, how different things would look if we did. 

Each of those precious, God-filled moments are opportunities and testimonies to brag on Him! At the same time, when we brag on God we're boosting our own faith. 

Let's do this...are you in?