Monday, August 29, 2016

Campfire Green Beans - Chopped Series

I had opened the three remaining cans of green beans left in the pantry.  As the churning of the can opener died, I said to myself, "Two cans of whole and one can of cut green beans." I shook my head in culinary disgust. While I'd normally never mix the two, the cupboard was scantily-clad and I was currently playing my own private series of the Food Network show Chopped. Into the pot went the green beans, I added what seasonings I had on hand, turned the burner on "high" and began the cooking process.

I retrieved a couple "left-overs" containers from the fridge. REPURPOSE! In my best Chopped-minded thinking: "I can do such and such with ________ and then this can serve as ________. Yes! I think I can pull this one off!" Oh, and I had a single box of cornbread mix to which I could add a freshly, chopped jalapeno for an extra, tasty treat.

Other thoughts raced through my mind in the background too: What am I going to cook for supper after we've finished off this lunch surprise? What if my family finds my food creations less-than-enjoyable? What about this job situation? What am I going to do about...and this... (I'm sure you get the picture and have done the drill a time or ten yourself. Why do we torture ourselves so?)

While I was focusing on all the items I was lacking, trying to figure out plans for the future, completely lost in the moment, an odd-smelling odor brought me back to reality. THE BEANS WERE BURNING! How had I let this happen?! Seriously? I was upset with myself for getting side-tracked. Then, in my best Chopped-minded version, I envisioned myself stepping up and proudly introducing my dish of CAMPFIRE GREEN BEANS to the judges. I laughed to myself as I doused the green beans with water and stirred them around a bit. (I can imagine even God getting great kick out of that one! Thankful for the weird sense of humor He gifted me with.)

Yes, we ate the Campfire Green Beans with quiet thankfulness. Nobody said a word about the "smoked" flavor. (Smart family there! I raised them well.) 

We (I) often get so wrapped up in the moment and become so absorbed wondering how things will work out. (I must admit that I temporarily forget where my help comes from on occasion.) I'm afraid we (I) often waste precious time and resources trying to figure it all out on our own when we don't have to. God is our help! We CAN trust in Him even in the darkest, most hopeless, scary times in our lives. I sit here typing this post, as if on cue straight from the throne of glory, a text from a dear friend comes through: HE is able to do exceeding abundantly more than we could ask or think. Thank you Lord for confirmation! 

We are His children and it is His good pleasure to be there for us. He is faithful, loves us, will protect, defend and provide for us. He has never been late...or burnt the green beans. 

Thank you Lord for being
exactly Who you said you'd be.
Thank you that I am who you said I am too.
And thank you for teaching me the valuable
lesson of trusting in You.