Friday, August 26, 2016

A Drop Here, A Drop There

To everything, there is a season...a time to soak in...a time to squeeze out. OK, I know this isn't in the verse, but you get my drift, right? There is a season for all things - even sponges.

We're each like a sponge, believe it or not. We go about, day in and day out, soaking up life. We go and go. When our days are good, we soak in the goodness of God. When our days aren't so good, we soak that in too. We're constantly consuming.

If we're doing what Christ has called us to do, loving our neighbor as ourselves, we are also squeezing that sponge out bit by bit. We're giving. When we run an errand for someone, or pray, or lend a helping hand...we're releasing some of what we've soaked up previously. That's the way it works.

Truth. A sponge can only take in so much liquid before it cannot possibly take in a drop more. The same is true on the opposite end of the spectrum. A sponge can only give out so much before there isn't a drop left to be squeezed out no matter how hard we may try. This is why its so important to live a life of balance.

Give & Do. But don't stop there. Receive & Be.

We most definitely want to imitate our Lord in giving and doing for others. Christ was the perfect example of loving our neighbor during His earthly ministry. He gave. He didn't hold back one drop! Just think about all the people He healed along the way. He was doing. He also allowed others the gift of doing for Him. He received. The first incident that popped into my mind was the woman with the precious alabaster box. Jesus was practicing the art of being as He allowed her to anoint His feet on that particular occasion.

Yes, it is true, it's more blessed to give than receive. It feels good to give! However, a person can only give if she has taken something in to fill her sponge up in the first place. See? We must receive. We must BE at some point in order to give and do. It's a cycle. One that must be done in balance. You see? God is a God of order.

So, my sponge sisters, let's be consciously reminded that we are not limitless resources who are constantly in the giving and doing mode, we must step back and receive at times...and that's alright. Give to your hearts content, but allow those precious moments when you're on the receiving end soaking up the goodness again. If this we'll do, we'll always find ourselves with a few drops to share with someone else as we go along our days.

A drop out here, a drop in there...just the way God intended it to be. 

Check out Luke 6:38
"Give and it shall be given..." - This is spoken
by's the way it's supposed to be.