Friday, July 1, 2016

Thank you, God Girlz

So, no matter what you DO (what you feel "called" to do, what God "made you to do" or any other way you might like to phrase it) sometimes what you DO makes you a bit more vulnerable than is comfortable at times.

For me, it's writing. I LOVE to write. I always have. My favorite part of high school, next to blessed art classes, was English with Mrs. Davis where we picked a topic every week and just began writing. It didn't matter a hill of beans what the subject was, I'd dive in and swim under-water for as long as I possibly could before resurfacing, frantically gasping for air. I LOVE to write. Yes, I guess it's safe to say that God made me that way. Why else would anyone love the tedious task of writing?

As I post on this blog (which isn't the only thing I write), there are moments when, to be honest, I wonder how it might sound to others, if I'm being too transparent, if I'm making sense or if what I'm writing is even relevant. To be honest, I am often severely overcome by a rush of nervous, cold chills right before I hit the "publish" button which puts my thoughts out there for the whole world to see. It's a big thing! Its scary! And, maybe that's a good thing because it keeps me on my toes and humbled simultaneously. Yes, learning to slide into that vulnerable state is a constant struggle, but if I'm going to give what is on my heart or share what has happened in my life, how else can I do so without going there?  Can I get an "amen"?

I suppose that's why it is important to have a team of people who will come beside you and encourage you to do what you do. Yes, even when it doesn't seem quite so comfortable! We need those people in our lives who will push us forward when we feel like retreating. You know, God places those specific people in our lives for a reason. We. Need. Them. He knows all things - along with the fact that we might not get out there and do what He wants us to do without having someone to support...and push us occasionally. Hey, we're humans, people! It's reality. 

So, I just wanted to send out this Thank-You post those special people God has placed in my life. My God Girlz! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate every comment, every piece of input, and for the occasional "prod" that keeps me going when I begin to slack off. I need people like you in my life! Thank you for being there. I bet you didn't picture yourself as a cheerleader, did you? Girl!!! You MADE the squad. I am very grateful to everyone who has come alongside of me during this life, through every phase, around every bend in the road...thanks for keeping me company and for what you've contributed.

And, just to give back and continue the cycle, if you're reading this today and you feel overly vulnerable and scared-to-death at times, wondering if you're DOING what God has on His agenda for you...because it just doesn't feel like it on some days, let me take up the pom-poms and scream, "YOU CAN DO IT!"  

No matter how weak we may feel or how many times we fall, God never gives up on us or the job He has for us to do. Let's not give up on each other. He'll give the strength and provide just the right people to come alongside us...for His glory. Together, we can do it..whatever IT might look like in each of our lives. Let's not be afraid to pass on an encouraging word, to put on our uniform and pick up the poms-poms and cheer each other on. 

So, in the most exciting and encouraging voice I can muster, and with a short leap into the air (as high as my 43 year old body will allow) I cheer you on today - and also give a shout out to say thanks to the God Girlz in my life. 

*Wanna give your own shout-out? Feel free to leave a comment below!