Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Take That Step...Forward

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way." 
 Psalms 37:23

It's on those days when we're a blundering mess, feel like we'll never "get there", and maybe even considering throwing in the towel. Yes, on those days when we find ourselves looking Heaven-ward and crying out to our Savior,"Lord, have your way in me! Fix ME! I need a little help here." 

I found myself in such a moment recently. Wondering to myself, "How did this just happen? I thought I was ahead of the game!" Yet, there I sat in a puddle of tears having a moment. Ladies, you know that moment I'm talking about, right? Hurting. Wounded. Afraid. There is only one PERFECT thing to do in those moments.

It's during those times when we feel we've taken three steps backward that God is looking on us with compassion and wooing us to come to Him. He patiently waits for us to tell Him all about what we're feeling down deep inside, to open up and admit that we need His help, and to allow Him to make something beautiful out of our mess. How He longs for us to come to Him and allow Him to mend our brokenness and teach us a little bit more about grace. 

So, I found myself on my knees, crying out to God, opening and emptying my wounded heart to Him...and, guess what? He was there to take it all in. Every bit of it. What He showed me is that with every step backward, there should be an equal step forward if we're walking with Him. You see, He doesn't measure things the way we do. His ways are NOT our ways! We might not feel as if we're stepping forward, yet in the spiritual realm, we might have actually just taken two steps forward. Wait! What? How? By gaining valuable insight from our Maker and fortitude because of our current dilemma. 

Maybe He was able to get us to see how we SHOULD have responded or how that NEXT TIME we can take a different approach in hurtful situations. Or maybe He was working on us, to teach us to tear down walls which are built up so easily during painful seasons. Perhaps He awakened in us a bit more determination to keep walking. The possibilities are limitless because we serve a limitless God.

The truth of the matter, the lesson I took away from this season, was that although we may feel like we've taken those steps backwards and that we're not making any progress, on God's measurement scale, we've actually probably just made another step or two forward. "Lord, have your way in me!" He's right there teaching and cheering us on to the next step, the next mile, the next victory. 

Steps in God are counted on a scale far superior than any of our own. Be encouraged~take that step.