Monday, January 11, 2016

What Does Your Blessing Look Like?

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:" - Psalms 103:2
I woke up this morning to a frolicking, little, black ball of fur and a daughter that was just full of happiness and giggles. Good morning, Monday! 

My daughter has such a love for animals. In fact, it quite often gets her in a fix because she'd like to take in each and every stray dog she comes across, which is impossible, of course. And...since we've declared a "no dog" rule in the house for now, I was totally unprepared for the shock of being greeted with an abundance of tiny, puppy-breath, kisses first thing in the morning.

I did my best to choke back the, "Get that puppy out of my house!" reaction that first popped into my mind. I did well, with God's help. I noticed as my daughter's face glowed with happiness at her new find. The puppy had apparently gotten stuck under our back porch, and had waken my daughter with its little puppy yelps. As I laid in my bed, trying to take it all in, I looked again at my daughter's face. Happiness. Excitement. Joy.  Contentment.

My thoughts immediately turned to how I felt when the Lord dropped something unexpected into my life a week ago today. Yes, just last Monday, the Lord blessed me with such inspiration and revelation! I remember now, how excited I was. Minus the puppy breath, what a Monday I was blessed with! I couldn't help feeling like I was on top of the world too. The Lord had blessed me and I'll admit, I probably looked and acted a lot like my daughter was this morning. Filled with happiness. Excitement. Joy. Contentment.

This morning was a great reminder for me. Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or any other type of thing. God chooses to bless us and load us with benefits on a daily basis if we'll take the time to notice. It might not be tiny, little, puppy love, it might not be a spiritual revealing, however, somewhere along the way, He has blessings stored up for each of us. The only catch is that we must keep our eyes open and alert to see it! We must slow down long enough to realize what is taking place. 

So, I encourage you to join me today in a recognizing revolution. Let's be prepared to pause and recognize God in the big and small things in our day-to-day routine. Is He trying to shake things up a bit? Is He trying to get our attention? Are we missing Him because we're too busy doing our own thing? Will we miss the tiny yelp of our blessing because we're wrapped up in the noise of our day? Let's be cautious and ever watching. Then, when we see those blessings, let's send up some extra praise and thanksgiving to Him for those gifts He blesses us with daily. Daily! What does your blessing look like?

God bless each of you~

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