Monday, January 25, 2016

Astounded By NOTHING

"...but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day..."  Genesis 50:20

We often here the phrase, "Nothing is impossible with God!", and I choose to agree to the utmost. I believe it! What about when God becomes the God of NOTHING though?  

As I was praying, I told the Lord, "I know that you can do anything. I know that there's nothing impossible for you. These situations I bring to you are little things compared to your greatness and power." Again, I believe that with all my heart. Then, quietly but as sure as anything, I felt His gentle response: "What if I don't answer? Will you still believe when there is NOTHING? When you can't see me moving or hear me answering. Will you still choose to believe, even then?" (Hello! He had my attention now!) What?

My Bible reading has been about Joseph. We all know the story well, I'm sure. We've heard it since our very first Sunday School class. Right? At the request of his father, Joseph went to the field to be a blessing to his brothers, only to be cast into a pit, then sold into slavery. I'm sure Joseph said a prayer or two for deliverance while he was in the pit and on his way to slavery. Nothing. Then, the young man was bought by Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh,  and brought into his house. All was well...until Potiphar's wife started in. I'm sure Joseph probably prayed for the Lord to intervene on his behalf when he was troubled then accused by this wicked lady. Still nothing. When the butler and baker had their dreams interpreted, Joseph ask them to remember him when they went back into Pharaoh's house. Nothing again. You see the reoccurring theme here?

Although Joseph was a godly man (we know this because the Bible says he was a "goodly person, well favored" - even Potiphar saw that the Lord was with Joseph), yet still he had to face situations in life where it appeared God said NOTHING. How many of us find ourselves feeling much the same way? Where is God in our situation? How long before He comes through for us? Sometimes we may even wonder if God has taken a vacation or if He's become deaf to our cries for help. Even in these times of NOTHING, God is still moving and involved in our lives. Most importantly, He is working it out for our good.

Had Joseph been like some of us, me included, he might have set himself up a little pity party, complete with chipped tea cups and dry biscuits, when he found himself sitting in jail. (I'm working hard on this one!) Where was God? What was going on? We're all human and thus we go there occasionally. True story! Sometimes its difficult to go through those trying times when God doesn't seem to answer our prayers. I have learned though, even in the quietness, God is still God...even in seasons of NOTHING.

More often than not, He's doing things we cannot even begin to imagine. He's working on bringing things to pass the way in which it will most glorify Him. He's saving His answer to our situations until just the perfectly timed of like picking the apple from a branch at just the perfect point of luscious, sweet, juicy ripeness. Ahh!

When, not IF, you find yourself in a God-made season of NOTHING, know that He really is up to something. We might not be able to feel, see or even hear Him at work; however, rest assured that He IS. He knows how much we can handle and where our breaking point is. Joseph was put in every situation he faced - to bring God glory. At just the perfect time, God brought Him on the next scene. My friend, at just the perfectly-planned moment, God will come through and we'll stand amazed. He'll do it so BIG that we'll just stand there with our eyes as big as saucers and mouths gaped open wide. 

Are we ready to push through the season of NOTHING? Don't let the enemy discourage and lie to you. Let us not be weary in well-doing. God is God...and He's always trying to shine brightly through our lives. Will we be patient and allow Him to write our story just the way He wants it? If we will submit our lives and agendas to His will, at just the right moment, when we feel we'll lose our very grip or footing, we may just find ourselves...astounded by NOTHING!