Monday, September 28, 2015

The Coin Toss - Make the Call!

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live..." 
Deuteronomy 30;19   

The coin flips through the air, "Head or tails?" the black-and-white striped shirt official shouts, "Make the call!"

It's football season! The notorious coin toss made at the beginning of an American football game. The team which makes the correct call may choose whether they will receive or kick the ball. It's a simple coin toss, head or tails, can it make that much of a difference we might ask?

I'm sure the men folk have their opinions and theories. I was thinking about it though - on a completely different level. Away from the turf of the field, beyond the noise of the crowd, far away from the smells of buttery popcorn and sticky cotton candy...and into the spiritual arena of our lives. God is a gentleman and will never force us into anything, we must make our choices. It's up to us to...make the call. There is no virtual whistle-blowing, no yellow flags being thrown out on the field, no referee calling for penalties. We are responsible for the choices we make and we must live with the outcome...whether good or bad.

Heads or tails. Think about it. We make choices every day. We decide what to eat and what not to eat, what to wear, who to hang out with and what to do in our leisure time. We have a choice whether we will make investments in things which are eternal or whether we will turn our focus to temporal things. 

We make important decisions all the time: will we open God's Word or turn to the pages of a sensuous novel? Will we listen to positive uplifting music or to worldly garbage that comes across the air waves? Will we choose to partake of unhealthy substances which will harm our bodies or will we choose to keep our bodies clean? Will we destroy or build up? Will we cause hurt or bring peace? 

You see? The choice is ours. While the coin of decision flips through the air, we quickly make very important, life-altering calls. The teenager who decides to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, the grown adult who decides to browse off into the uncharted, evil waters of the internet, the gentleman who decides, "Just this once", the woman who says, "Nobody will know"...never stopping to realize the power of one bad choice. A ripple effect of bad choices carries far beyond us at times, much like a stone being tossed upon the waters. 

We're none perfect. We all make bad choices in life and have to suffer the consequences. That's part of growing. However, if we find we're in a constant down-hill slide, there is still hope if we'll make the ultimate choice to turn our broken lives over to God. Make the call! Do we continue down paths which will lead us to destruction? Or will we hand God our mess and repent? It's our opportunity. Our Lord is full of mercy and grace, however, He is also a God of judgement. Isn't it amazing that He even gives us a choice of how He responds to us? It all hinges upon our choices.

So, I suppose, while HEADS or TAILS might not be such a deciding factor in who wins a ballgame;  when it comes to our strategy of living life abundantly, blessed or cursed...when it comes to deciding where we'll spend's up to us. We choose to make the call. If you listen closely,  Heaven is cheering you on, God is waiting on your choice, you can do this. Choose wisely...the coin is in the air, "Make the call!"

*If you know someone who may be struggling right now, 
someone who might be making wrong decisions, hold them up in prayer. 
Ask God to open their eyes. 
Share this post offering hope to them and point them to the Word of God
and His amazing grace.