Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Child-Like" Courageous

 "...Except ye be converted, and become as little children, 
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 18:3

Open, close. Open, close. Up, down. Up, down.

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of having my sweet, highly-energetic 14-month-old grandson with me for seven days. We had lots of fun and adventure, and I quickly realized that I was going to have to pick up the pace to keep up with him. Needless to say, this Noni was worn to a frazzle by the end...but it was great!

He had just started walking so he would fall down quite often. I was amazed at how quickly he made the rebound each time. No matter how hard he fell, he'd bounce right back and try it again. Courageous!

His other favorite trick was opening and closing the door. While he couldn't actually open it, he'd go into a room and close the door. SLAM! Then, when he realized he couldn't get out, he would just holler until I came to his rescue. Then he'd do the same thing again. Over and over. It was a game.

He loved the slide and wasn't afraid even a tiny bit. When we went swimming, he was a trouper. When faced with a slew of puppies nipping at his feet, he didn't wince a bit. Courageous! I know it's a simple concept, but one we could all take a few pointers from.

I got to thinking about the scripture where Jesus said for us to come to Him as little children. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not quite on the same level of trust as my grand. Lord, help me. I'm much more cautious because I have more "experience." Oh my! Experience can be such a faith-buster at times, huh? We ask ourselves dumb grown-up questions like:

"What if I get hurt?"
"What if I try and fail?"
"What if _______?" 
(you fill in the blank)

They're logical questions and concerns, but more than likely, they will keep us from experiencing all that God has for us if we give in to their bantering. What God asks us to do doesn't always make grown-up sense. We have to take that step of faith like Peter did when he stepped out of the boat. What kind of sense did that make anyhow? You see, unless we become like a little child, we may not become all the adult God intends for us to be...or enter Heaven according to the Word.

Let's put away our fear, our intense need for a sense of control, let's be adventurous and take a flying leap of faith more often. I do believe the more often we do so, the more accustomed we'll get to trusting in the One who holds it all together anyhow. Don't be afraid to lose, to fail, to fall flat on your face because God will always be there to help you back up. Don't be afraid to walk into new areas, if you get a door slammed in your face, God will be there with you and will open it once again if necessary. Have a child-like faith and who knows what you'll be doing next. As for my sweet Kyler, his next big thing was standing up on TOP of his walker! Amazing! Be courageous for Jesus, my friend. The places He can and will take you are unlimited. You will be amazed!