Tuesday, July 28, 2015

But For Now

"For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come..." Hebrews 10:37

There's a little girl sitting quietly in her special place, hiding away from the bustle of the crowd. She's peeking secretly through cracks of a white privacy fence, just hoping to catch a glimpse of him coming down the road. Nobody can see her, as she sits alone, watching alertly, listening closely for those familiar footsteps to draw near. She whispers so only she can hear, "Just a while longer now, girl...hold on."

I have dreams, I hope you do too. I have longings, desires, hopes and many prayers on a list just waiting to be answered. I know there will be a "sometime" which will eventually sprinkle the landscape of my (and your) life with a beautiful display of flowers on a perfectly picturesque day. I know at some point the "coming to pass" will brighten our days and bring so much happiness and sweet laughter our way. How refreshing it will be then, probably a bit like those spastic blue-trimmed dragonflies feel as they dance upon cool pools of water on a bright sunshiny day. I know, on the inside, we'll all jump with joy like fluttering butterflies in the breeze on a hot, summer day when we witness the answers-to and healings-of. But for now, "Just hold on a little while longer, my dear." 

You see, at times, those perfectly, whimsical days we dream up take longer to come around than we anticipate, and those warm, spring days we long for can only surprise us after cold, harsh winters. Those precious dreams we pack carefully away in the recesses of our minds can only be realized after the darkest of nights. The longings and desires we've safely filed away within our hearts are often stained with disappointment and the evilness of living in a sinful world. The quiet, innocent smile of a sweet, little girl so often turns into a rather subtle grin that's almost completely missed if it's not being searched for. But for now, "Just hold on a little bit longer, girl."

Yes, we all dream. Long for. Anticipate. Pray for. Hope. And await...there's nothing wrong with that. But for now, in the meantime, while you wait...listen closely to the pitter-patter of raindrops upon your rooftop (it says you have a place to call home), savor carefully the piece of fresh-baked bread you eat at dinner time (yes, you have food to eat). Be thankful. As beads of sweat dampen your brow, work with all your might for there is strength in your body. Recognize the feel of soft, tenderness or gentle strength in the hands you hold in your own. Take time to love. There's a blessing to be savored in the simplest of things life affords us. Yes, we want our big dreams to become reality and our earnest prayers to be answered. But for now..."hold on, your answer's coming."

Very soon He'll come around the corner, His footsteps will draw near, and everything else will fade to nothingness. His sweet voice you'll hear: "I am here, my child, do not fear." No more waiting behind that white fence, no more watching, no more praying, no more dreaming or hoping - our every desire will be satisfied - we'll be with Him forever.  But for now...

Dear Lord, 
Help me to dream, hope for and wait well
While in this world, it might not come to pass
But there will always be something to celebrate
Let me focus on "now" and know
one day soon, You'll more than make up for 
each one that didn't come to pass.
And it won't matter a bit...but for now~