Friday, June 5, 2015

From a Veggie Plant - God's Order

It's summertime in Georgia, and coming to a garden near you...tiny buds erupt and lead the way to gloriously delicious fruit and vegetables. I'd venture to say there is nothing quite as wonderful as home-grown produce. (Maybe it's because I love gardening so much.) I find it absolutely amazing on so many levels.  
For instance, if you're not a gardener you might not know that a bell pepper with three lobes on the bottom is male fruit while ones with four lobes is female. Yes, even amongst vegetable plants, God made distinction between male and female. How cool is that? A male squash blossom erupts from long skinny stalks all along the vine while a female blossom is usually tucked away near the center of the plant and has a slight bulge below the blossom which will eventually turn into a squash. Easy to tell the difference when you know what to look for, huh?
Today, while talking with a friend about gardening, I seemed to recall that male blooms usually appear before a female bloom shows up on the scene. (I learned most of my gardening knowledge from my Mamaw. Hours of listening to her talk over the phone about this and that...such valuable and treasured moments. Oh, I won't forget all the seeds she's sent me through the mail either.) After both male and female blooms are present, bees take care of cross-pollination so the blooms will produce delicious fruit and vegetables for us to enjoy. But FIRST, the male bloom must exist. I came home and looked it up to be certain...and yes, what I had thought was indeed correct. Did you know that God arranged it to work out that way? Perfect order. 

In the beginning of time God's first created being was man...male. Man was good, but not alone. God created a second being - a help meet, a woman...female. God even took something (a rib) from man to create woman, just like bees take pollen from the male to female bloom before it can be fruitful. Remember God's command to Adam and Eve? Genesis 1:28, "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth..." God had a perfect plan and order even in Creation. Which gender gave birth to off-spring? The female. Eve. Did you know that only female blooms will produce fruit?! Are you a tomato fan? You won't be eating any of those bright red delicacies without both types of blooms existing.
God has given us so many principles to follow in His Word. He's even shown us the right and acceptable way in so many different areas of life - such as veggie plants. Even in the day and age we live in, God still gives us very practical reminders that He likes order and expects it. Just "anything" WON'T be acceptable. 
Though our world changes its views from day to day, (seems to be more wicked with each passing day) God is the "same yesterday, today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) He changes not. His statutes and principles are unchangeable. God reminded me today that He too created plants to operate according to how He has ordered. What He has established is right, true, and acceptable. Forever and ever. For me...and for you too. Think about that the next time you see a vegetable garden overflowing in abundance, the next time you take a big bite out of a juicy piece of fruit - remember, you're only able to do so because of the order of the Master Gardener. It's not about what we think is's about God's order.