Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Questions and Promises

On the trek home from vacation in Louisiana, God did something amazing. It was a beautiful, unforgettable moment...one God- designed especially for me. You see, sometimes God will send things, such as clouds, our way then choose to speak through something as simple as a rainbow, just like He did for Noah. Just this week, God did this for me. It was a wonderful experience!
The usual problem is, when the dark clouds show up, we wonder if we've missed it somewhere along the way. If you're anything like me, you sometimes have a list of questions lined up for God. Am I on the right road? Is this part of Your will for my life? Have I erred? Am I in the right place? The enemy uses this opportunity to show up and begin to put his two-cents in too. Our view can become quickly obscured. Makes me wonder what Noah might have thought when he and his family exited from the ark and saw the devastation of their surroundings.
Although Noah was obedient and did what God told him; yet still, he had to endure dark clouds and a flood, as well as its aftermath. It was part of a divine plan, however. After all was said and done, God rewarded them with a rainbow - a promise.
As I was driving along Sunday, talking to the Lord and voicing my thoughts and questions, the clouds began to darken and raindrops beat rhythmically upon the windshield. After a while, I noticed a small part of a rainbow in the distance. As I continued driving it became larger and larger and it appeared to be sitting right in the middle of my lane. It was beautiful! Suddenly, my heart was full and at peace and I forgot my questioning session. I was reminded again of God's promises, His blessings and His will for my life. I became keenly aware that, just like Noah, God doesn't always deliver us from...but through. And I praised Him.
Yes, we may question but if we will just hold on to what we know to be true, what God has asked of us, if we will commit our ways to Him and submit to His will...we'll always be rewarded with promise and blessings....guaranteed! Clouds don't last always, but God's promises do. To God be the glory~

Thank you Lord for taking a moment
to show me your handiwork, to remind me of
the beauty of your promises, of living
for You, in step with the 
blessings of being in Your will.