Monday, June 1, 2015

From My Heart

As I sit down for a nice relaxing writing session (oh, how I love these times), I'm thinking of you; and I have just a couple things I wanted to share with you today:

First and foremost, God is ever faithful...full of mercy and grace...ready and alert at all times to hear the cry of hurting, lost souls who need a Savior. Yes, my friend, I'm so thankful that I realized at a very young age that I needed Him in my life. (What ever would I have done without Him by my side? What a mess I would be. Can't even begin to imagine what it might look like.) He is not a disposable part of my life...He is the foundation on which the rest of my life is built.
I'm not certain when I figured out my love for writing, but I assume it must have been while in high school. One teacher would hand out a sheet of paper with topics/titles on it and tell us to "Pick one, and start writing." (If I'm not mistaken, I have a bundle of papers filled with my submissions tucked away in a portfolio in the back of a closet somewhere.) Now, I'll be the first to admit that my work was often returned to me highly-decorated. (No, it wasn't highly decorated like a respected military person either.) Rather it was those not-so-lovely "red ink" marks of which every dedicated teacher wields. Even so, I found that it just made me try a bit harder. Why do I tell you this? Well, because I'm sure there are still plenty of places tucked away in my writing which could be more grammatically correct. Some of my words could be rearranged to make my thoughts clearer so that I connect better with you, the reader. It's just the facts! However, I realized I couldn't allow this to hinder me.
God gave me this particular talent and though it may be "uniquely flawed" at times, and any "red-ink bandit" could slice and dice it, still it may be used to bring God glory and point others toward Him. I cannot shrink from sharing simply because it's not perfectly expressed. (That's how I've finally become more comfortable sharing with you in the first place. It's not MINE, it belongs to my Creator. He's blessed me with a chance to shine His light into dark places that need hope.) I write. Thanks for letting me share with you some of the things God shows me and places on my heart. I'm glad you come by ever so often. (And just so you know, I continually work to use this talent in a more excellent way on a daily basis. God doesn't require what we call "perfection", He just asks us to use what we have to the best of our ability - all the while trusting in Him to complete the work He has begun.)
Amongst the papers I've tucked into my portfolio from years gone by is one I wrote on Paul Revere. Only, I didn't exactly write it from the normal viewpoint you might expect. It's true. I wrote it from the perspective of Mr. Revere's horse as it raced from town to town. (Can't you just visualize that horse with "pen in hoof"?) You see, we're each different in our own ways. God has given us different talents and abilities. However, there is common ground in the fact that He desires us to use what He's given us to bring Him glory. It's not about me, it's not about you; it's ultimately about Him. 
So, I ask you, are you using the talents He's given so liberally to you? Are you bringing Him glory? Or are you allowing it to waste away? Remember the parable of the talents. Let's not bury our talents if we want to hear "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." God is counting on us and one day we will give account for what we've done with what He's given us. 
Can I encourage you today to begin using "what you've got" and allow God to do the rest? I know it might not be easy at first, but take baby steps. (I was petrified at first and sometimes find I'm still leery just before I click the "PUBLISH" button. I've learned to pause and pray though, "God, help the right people to read this today. Someone who needs encouragement and may they find their hope in You.) It's not always easy, but always do-able...with God all things are possible. Friend, dig that talent out of the sand today and put it to good use. And thanks, once again, for stopping by to visit for a spell. Hope you've enjoyed yourself and been inspired along the way. God bless~